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Nelson and Thelma evicted from the Big Brother House

July 29, 2019,10:25 AM @ugandaonline

Nelson and Thelma after being evicted

Ebuka talking to Nelson and Thelma

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The Big Brother Naija house now has 14 housemates after Nelson and Thelma were evicted last night. This week, all housemates were up for eviction something that put the team from Darling Hair Products having to work extra hours as all the female housemates had to have their hair done.

Thelma has been one of the greatest dancers during the Saturday Night Parties while Nelson had strategically positioned himself as Esther's 'hubby' in the house, she was so heart broken when Africa threw him out of the house.

The housemates with the least votes had to be sent packing. Gedoni had 1.66%, followed by Jackye with 1.53% and Esther with 1.46%. The last three, Jeff, Thelma and Nelson scored 1.02%, 0.83% and 0.70% respectively.

The first two evictions were kind of sad, but a section of the fans are of the view that this round of eviction was tagged to the game and it could pass as being fair.

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Housemates with the least votes

Three male housemates were in trouble this week

Nelson was the second male housemate to be evicted

We all know of how Omashola bumped into the showeroom while Thelma was showering and what followed, she was so furious that Omashola's plea for saying he was sorry wasn't entertained, his fans could later turn the guns on her in the form of not voting for her to remain in the house.

The loyal fans who are missing out on the shower hour can mean to be very dangerous when they choose to vote you out, otherwise, how could Jeff end up here.

On the other hand, apart from Nelson being a hubby to Esther, he was the dull type, the one who sits when the Saturday party was on and yet that is the time to bring out your game with a bit of the Legend drink on the house, he could be the reason Ebuka constantly reminded the housemates to wake up and play the game.

Ask Alex (BBNaija3), she will tell you that dancing and having fun in the Big Brother game can do a lot for you in terms of winning or getting close to the money, Mercy is trying to do that though, she is just using one part of her body which is the behind, it could also land her in problems with some viewers, especially the female fans who will not approve her way of doing things.

Short of that, the game has started and looking at the last six, you can clearly tell that the voters are not joking, they mean business, if you are acting home sick, they will do exactly that, send you home.

Last night, Ebuka told the housemates not to spend their valuable time trying to think of what the viewers are thinking or try to predict the game, they should focus on the game, have fun something that attracted a wild cheer from Jeff, who by the way is the brain behind the female housemates showering first, followed by the male housemates, it has never been like this before, housemates have always been showering together, he needs to be flexible though, because, this is Big Brother's house and not Jeff's house, you need to be careful which rules you introduce in the house, they might make you, or break you.

Esther could not stand the fact that Nelson had been evicted

Esther could not stand the fact that Nelson had been evicted

Of the male housemates left in the house, Seyi, Mike and Ike are in the run for the top spot as Omashola and Frodd followed in that order.

And for some unexplained reason, Tacha is right on top of the game when it comes to female housemates and a big threat to most male housemates, she has been up on all the evictions including the last one and still came out dust free.

In this game, your muscle is seen by how many times you face the chopping block and bounce back to the house, she is one housemate who has been there and in most times, she comes out with the highest percentage, are we about to see a female housemate winning after a very long time? It is too early to tell, but there's something about Tacha and her way of doing things that can easily put her in the top three.

Jackye tried messing with Tacha last week claiming she could be using magic because of her bracelets and chains, that won her a spot in the last five housemates because after sending Nelson and Thelma home, Esther was next in line followed by Jackye with Gedoni at the top of the housemates leaving, but Biggie only evicted two.

Ycee put up an energetic musical performance dong his Omo and Juice songs.

Meanwhile, Esther spent the whole of last night crying over Nelson leaving the house, let's see what happens next week oooh!!

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