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We're just friends with Wema Sepetu-Diamond Platnumz

30 JAN 2018 11:15 AM


Diamond Platnumz and Wema in the good old days and inset is the couple over the weekend

Diamond Platnumz has come out to say that he's friends with his ex, Wema Sepetu and being a celebrity she is, the Bongo Flava will support her in any way possible. My fans don't love seeing me in fights all the time...



Diamond Platnumz feeling cozy with Wema Sepetu over the weekend

Just like they say, pics speak thousand words...these two are in love, no doubt

Diamond Platnumz shared a short clip of Wema Sepetu addressing the Wasafi Records fans an in the clip, the ex beauty queen of Tanzania noted that Wasafi has been home to her and will always be, she then invited Diamond amidst wild cheers to come and talk to the fans.

Diamond, Diamond, Diamond they cheered.

Diamond Platnumz had this to say;

"Many like to see people having a war or headaches and that's what you like, but what good is in fights and how do you benefit from it?

How does that help our industry? You cannot be my fan and then you enjoy me having fights with someone, and yet it's over between me and her.

 ... I have my family that I love and when someone appreciates,   that's not a reason to have a fight with them, and this is one of those examples. 

Right now is not the time to create unnecessary enmity, it's the time for artists to collaborate and collectively work and promote our future art for the little ones and our future generations. 

Thank you very much madam, for coming through last night, May God bless you and give you all the best you ever desired."

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