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Cindy's message to Sheebah after the Kimansulo song

May 30, 2019, 10:07 AM @ugandaonline

Cindy's response to Sheebah's Kimansulo and Jealousy songs

Cindy's response to Sheebah's Kimansulo and Jealousy songs

Cindy and Sheebah have unresolved issues after one declined to to battle the other musically.

Cindy wanted a music battle with Sheebah, but the latter demanded for a billion shillings before the same could take place.

It all started when Cindy said that the reason Sheebah can't battle with her was because her live performing skills were lacking and in her response, Sheebah said that out of her efforts in a relatively short time in the industry, she had a mansion in  the upscale market of Munyonyo, can Cindy show cause what her good live performance skill has brought to the table after a long time in the industry.



It is then that Cindy realized that the music battle, which was supposed to be an earning opportunity was not about to happen, she resorted to studio and has since released Copicat.

Having failed to battle directly, the two have gone for an indirect battle through their latest releases.

Sheebah has released Kimansulo Ku Mimwa and Jealousy and the message in the two songs is loud and clear.

However, after listening to the two songs; Cindy dashed to her IG and this was the message;

"Anything done under pressure never comes out well, relax."

Well, in Cindy's Copicat song which has some of the lyrics in Jamaican Patois also known as 'Patwah', she says that some of them are copycats while others just imitate, but to this, Sheebah has just one word for her, Oja Kukakana.

Meanwhile, Cindy, who has a penchant for showing off her upper thighs as part of her fashion sense was playing with an organ clad in a coat and see through leggings.

This attracted some comments with some telling her that she can still drive her point home when dressed.

"Point noted, but Copicat is also not very good, " One commented on Cindy's post.

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