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Bebe Cool advises his fans to ignore Bad Black

April 3, 2019, 11:49 AM @ugandaonline

Bad Black and Bebe Cool don't see eye to eye

Bad Black and Bebe Cool don't see eye-to-eye

The news of Zuena who has turned 32 today sharing her Cake Garage is still fresh in our minds. The issue had mixed reactions with many saying that the location of the business was not just right for the person of Zuena.

Among them was Bad Black who attacked Bebe Cool claiming that, that place could easily cause Cholera, she later advised on which locations were suitable for Zuena's cake and decor business and Pioneer Mall, Garden City or Acacia Mall were some of the areas she recommended for the mom of five to run her business.

Bebe Cool could not just let this pass. It should be recalled that the three (Bebe Cool, Bad Black and Bebe) were best of friends back then when Mama Jonah as many fondly refer to her was still loaded.



Clad in his silent majority regalia, Bebe Cool had this to say; 

"Someone who has achieved something through sweat does not just dish it out carelessly. You used to know a girl called Black, she could dish out money exactly the same way she got it, but as we speak, she can't even give you 10k."

"It is not that she does not want, but she does not have it. So with that background, be humble and stop being proud, understand yourself as you lay goals and targets, you will make it," Bebe concluded.

Bad Black has been in and out of the country doing what she does best though she is trying to keep around by trying to make ends with bleaching products and also giving Ssenga Nantume a run for her money.

Not long back, she came to the rescue of a faded female artist that was battling with addiction issues, she paid Ugx 6Milliion as part of her medical expenses only to escape from rehab hours later.

"Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. You have to figure out who's worth your kindness and who's just taking advantage." Bad Black notes.

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