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Pregnant Bad Black explains why she dumped her Mzungu lover for Sky West 

July 6, 2019, 1:30 PM @ugandaonline

Bad Black and her Caucasian lover whom she got engaged to and inset is her current lover, Sky West

Bad Black and her Caucasian lover whom she got engaged to six weeks back and inset is her current lover, Sky West

In a month's time, I will be giving birth to my fourth child that I have named Jesse.

Who is the baby daddy? "Omwana kajje tulabe," Meaning, "Let me first give birth," Bad Black responded.

It has happened before. 

Back then, Bad Black was dating David Greenhalgh, a Briton and on giving birth, the baby had a black skin complexion, not even baby powder could save the situation, the baby was for Kim Swagga, so when she says let me first give birth, you clearly know where she is coming from.

Bad Black has been dating two men at the same time, a Caucasian lover whom she got engaged to six weeks back only to separate within hours after it turned out that he was broke.


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"I thought he was rich that's why I took him on but unfortunately, he failed the exams. In the morning, I dropped him off to the airport and off he left my country, I am now waiting for Daddy Jesse 3."

"At 57, what was he doing to be broke. Look at me, I am so damn pretty, more beautiful than most of you Mbw...Mwe... I went with this man for a safari, but he could not afford even a beer, I clearly told him that you are not the man I want to spend my life with."

"You are just an expired........come on, I am still beautiful I can get another rich Caucasian lover, I left him with his ring." Bad Black said.

I am not going to spoil the future of my four children; Majoe Jonah, Davina, and Jesse, who will arrive in a month's time with a 57-year-old, broke man.

In no time, the formerly dark, but now light skinned socialite was decorating all her social media platforms with her new lover only identified as Sky West, 24, and this is what she had for those who were complaining about the young man.

"I am making 30 and he is 24, but have you seen me complaining that he does not satisfy me in any way? I am happy and I am not complaining. I have dumped older men before, but if Sky West is a son to your father, then you should be concerned, otherwise, mind your business."

Last night was her birthday party with everything black ranging from the venue, Black Boulevard, the cars, dress code, and a huge black cake, she shared the high table with her current lover, Sky West.

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