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Anne Kansiime for African Women's leadership conference

08 MAR 2018 8:30 PM


Anne Kansiime is one of the speakers at a two day African Women'e leadership conference



Our very own Anne Kansiime was one of the speakers at the African Women’s Leadership Conference at Wellesley College, Massachusetts.

Other speakers on the panel include the former President of Liberia and also the first elected female head of state in Africa, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In the conference,  attendees will explore what women’s leadership looks like through the lens of four key leadership competencies, confidence, creativity, courage, and resilience—leading to a deeper appreciation of the challenges African women leaders face and offering productive strategies for addressing them.


Anne could not hide her excitement;

"Finally, this God of mine has done it again!!"

This Wednesday the 8th of March 2018, I will be in Massachusetts (just know if they ask me to pronounce Massachusetts at immigration, we might have real problems).

I'm still in shock trying to get to terms with how I ended up on such a panel with my indigenous Mparo swag and am still lost for words."


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