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Bebe Cool bounces back with his top list of songs and artists

January 08, 2020 09:05 PM @ugandaonline

Bebe Cool has noted that in his latest top list, he is the best though Big Trill was a bit of a problem with his Parte After Parte anthem...

Bebe Cool releases his top list for the year 2019...

Bebe Cool releases his top list for the year 2019...

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You can call them the Bebe Cool awards if you like.

Using the moral authority vested in me by the 20 years experience in the music industry, I hereby present to you my best choices for the year 2019;

I thank theartists for working hard. I know you deserve more than just recognition and I am working hard to ensure you get what you deserve for giving Ugandans joy and happiness throughout the year.

I also thank the media, audio & visual producers, songwriters, DJs, promoters & Artist Managers and more importantly the fans. The order notwithstanding, I remain the biggest artist in Uganda. Happy New Year & Thank you President Museveni.

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  1. John Blaq
    (Obubadi, Do Dat, Byalagilwa, Makanika). Like Fik Fameika did a few years ago, he has made a big entry into the industry with many hit songs thou none qualifies as my song of the year. He will however need to work with different producers if he is to break the monotony and predictability of his sound.  back to top

  2. Sheebah Karungi
    (Enyanda, Sweet Sensation and Onkutudde). She has surprisingly remained consistent as the top female artist in the country by releasing many hit singles. She still maintains a wide gap at the top among female artists.  back to top

  3. Spice Diana
    (Jangu Ondabe & Omushehe) She has come along way to emerge among the top female artists this year and this is mainly because of her well crafted showbiz antics. She, however, needs to do more hit singles if she is to sit at the same table as Sheeba)  back to top

  4. Vinka
    (Sure, By the Way). To some extent, she has maintained consistently, but I expect more given that she is supported by a strong record label. She could also have been affected by monthly release of songs, something that doesn't allow enough airplay for each song. My hope is that her new signing with an international record label will avail her enough resources to push her to the top this year.  back to top

  5. Bebe Cool
    (Wire Wire, Nkuliyo & Easy) I undoubtedly remain on top of the pack for yet another 20 something year. My consistence is mainly attributed to the quality of my audios & videos as well as the versatility in my music styles. I believe that my level of popularity would have been much higher if not for my political lineage that splits some of my music fans. I must say though I have received overwhelming praise for my good music from even those with a divergent political lineage.  back to top

  6. Cindy
    (Boom Party, Copy Cat). The King Herself deserves much respect for her revolution from oblivion. While most legends have failed to protect their seat at the table, she has emerged from the hustle to come back to the top. She will need to maintain whatever she did this year if she is to stay at the top. I personally know what it takes to remain relevant in this very competitive music industry, kudoz to you Cindy.  back to top

  7. Fik Fameica
    (Tell Me, Omu Bwati). I was worried about his consistence because of the monotony in his sound in the previous two years, but I am glad to say the young man broke the monotony by changing styles. He has remained on top of his game. I know the financial challenges of the direction he has taken (making collabos with International stars). He will require a lot of resources if he is to release enough songs.  back to top

  8. Grenade
    (Nkuloga & Mpulira Bibyo) This breakthrough artist impressed me a lot given his emergence from street life. He has played a good relevance game that brought him the deserved attention, but he needs caution against being careless with his social life.  back to top

  9. Pallaso
    (Ekilo mu Nzikiza & Wine and Wine). It is unfortunate that this fellow has an unlikable character and it surprises me that his songs gained some level of traction this year. Nevertheless, he deserves credit.  back to top

  10. Kent & Flosso (Muzaanyo & Squeeze ft. Fille)
    Their song Squeeze competes in the category of song of the year. These handsome friends of mine have a likeable character, but need to be a bit more aggressive.  back to top

  11. Daddy Andre
    (Sikikukweka, Kyoyoya, Kukyookya, Don't Stop). This is an absolute talent who triples as a songwriter, producer & musician. I prefer to talk about him and a songwriter and producer because most of his recognition this year comes from that. In this area, I cannot talk about him without mention his stiff competition from producer Ronnie on this one who appears to have equally bigger songs written and produced by himself like Nkuloga, Enyanda, Wire Wire, Semyekozo, Nkuliiyo. I am looking forward to what these two have to offer this year. I imagine Ronnie singing like Daddy Andre does and what it would mean for some of us in the industry.  back to top

  12. Eddy Kenzo (Semyekozo)
    My brother had taken quite some time without a bream hit song, but I can authoritatively say he has it now. I don't care if it comes as a sympathy song, but it ranked among the top songs as the year ended. 13. Levixone (Chikibombe). He is currently the biggest gospel artist with no competition in the gospel industry.  back to top

  13. B2C (Gutujja ft. Rema)
    They have emerged as the best group and this song ranks among the top three songs of the year. They, however need to concentrate more on singles.  back to top

  14. Recho Ray
    (Guma Bakunyige, Kigwa, Bwogaana ft Winnie Nwagi). She is my best new female entrant with great attitude and for now she is in her own league as a female rapper. She is Zuena's choice too. 16. Carol Kasiita (Kuba Yaka, Binyuma, Mwoto) She's one of the most aggressive new female talents to have emerged this year with very good songs that don't need much explanation. I wait to see her consistence.  back to top

  15. Fefe Busi (Love Yo) WARNING!!!!
    Fefe Busi (Love Yo) WARNING!!!!  back to top

  16. Ricky Man (Tunyumilwe)
    He has one song each year that is always is a hit. He also has a likable character  back to top

  17. Big Trill (Parte after Parte, Gi Ddem)
    Parte after Parte emerged the biggest song to represent us internationally. It is on every DJs playlist in Africa. The name of the song however overshadowed the song itself and the artist. I am torn between WIRE WIRE and PARTE AFTER PARTE for the SONG OF THE YEAR award in Uganda. Kudoz to Big Trill.  back to top

  18. Tonix (Sunday)
    But this song is attributed to Slick Stuart & Roja. I have to conclude that recognition goes to Slick Stuart & Roja.  back to top

  19. Beenie Gunter
    (No letting Go ft. Lydia Jazmine) He is the most underrated artist yet he has great talent.  back to top

  20. VIP Jemo
    (Sima) It is OK.  back to top

  21. Fresh Kid
    (Bambi) He is an amazing young talent with a lot of potential if he is given the right direction. I love him and will support him where need be.  back to top

  22. Fresh Daddy
    He was the JOKE OF THE YEAR  back to top

  23. Suspekt Leizor
    (Wulira Ebaala)  back to top

  24. Winnie Nwagi
    Yitaayo alongside Chozen Blood, Amaaso ft. Vinka. She concentrated on a lot of collabos and troubles but she remains a good artist.  back to top

  25. King Saha
    (Hello Hello) WARNING  back to top

  26. Apass
    (Guli Wano) But Apass be serious!  back to top


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