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Nina Roz shows off her gigantic tattoos

January 07, 2020 11:15 AM @ugandaonline

Nina Kankuda aka Nina Roz has her back body decorated with giant tats...

Nina Roz showing off her tattoos

Nina Roz showing off her tattoos

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Nina Roz, 26, joined the music industry in 2016 and she is behind hit songs like; Omuliro, Olumya Bano and Anainmama.

The fairly tall female artist is closely linked to fellow singer Beenie Gunter.

Ofunilawa is one of her songs she dedicated to those that leak pics of their significant others, she is asking them what they benefit from the act.

Her tattoos range from flowers, a 2013 date in roman numerals, not so sure what happened on that day and some in hard to reach places.

Her latest song is No Money No Friend. Just yesterday, she was with Nigerian singer Ketchup exploring opportunities of a collaboration song, he also taught her a few dance strokes that she will include in her next music video.

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Nina Roz

Nina Roz is arguably the tallest female artist in the Uganda Music Industry


 Nina Roz puts on outfits that expose her tats

Nina Roz puts on outfits that expose her tats


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