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Who is Cedric Anthony Fourie Maphosa? Zari's husband and top businessman

January 07, 2020 12:34 AM @ugandaonline

All you need to know about Zari's husband, Cedric Fourie !!!

Cedric Fourie and inset is his wife Zari Hassan

Cedric Fourie and inset is his wife Zari Hassan

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Cedric Fourie is Zari's husband, whom she exchanged vows with on July 18 in South Africa.

Just like her previous lovers, this one is also her junior. Cedric aka Kingbae will turn 30 in March this year, while Zari celebrated her 38th birthday in September last year.

Cedric is a 29 year old actor, he has one child, though not much is known about the mother of the child and until about July last year, he was single.

He is a networking Engineer though he is so much in love with acting.

Following her split with Diamond Platnumz, Zari started dating Cedric Anthony Fourie Maphosa, she managed to protect his face for at least six months.

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A quick search on Cedric returns sources claiming he is close to social media star, Lasizwe something that has sent mixed signals with some concluding that maybe that could be the reason Zari was protecting his face from the public.


 Again, Zari could be right to hide her latest catch as some circles brand him as a yummy snack.

However, the mom of five is also not happy with the background search being done on her hubby and she has requested that the stalking should be left to her and the husband spared.

"Compliments of the year and hoping y'all enjoyed the season. May I request that we stop following Cedric's moves. It is out of line with the level of stalking you are doing. I'm  your person, not him, let's not cross the line, thank you."

Zari and Cedric
Zari and Cedric

Who has Zari dated in the past?

Zari was with the father of her three children before falling out 10 years later, she dated basketball star Isaac Lugudde aka LK4, shifted to muscle man Farouk Sempala for just months for the two of them before settling for the real game in Diamond Platnumz.

Within no time, she was pregnant for Diamond Platnumz, gave birth to their first child, Tiffah in 2015 and in 2016, she gave birth to Nillan. In 2017 May, her husband passed on following a fall that left his head injured.

In 2018 on Valentine's day, she served the Bongo star with a black rose to mark the end of their relationship and exactly one year later, she was in bed with another one who she fondly called King Bae at the time, but on the eve of New year's while in Zimbabwe, Harare at a top hangout joint, Dreams Night Club, Zari revealed Cedric Fourie's face to her fans.

Zari appeals to her fans to spare Cedric

Zari appeals to her fans to spare Cedric



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