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Rema showers Hamzah with more love after he graduates in Medicine

January 15, 2020 2:00 PM @ugandaonline

After her hubby graduating in medicine, Rema has also promised to go back to Uni to complete her Kyambogo University degree that she stopped midway to concentrate on her music...

Rema looking Hamzah in the eye during the Makerere 70th graduation ceremony

Rema looking Hamzah in the eye during the Makerere 70th graduation ceremony

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"I'm so proud of you hubby. Bachelors Degree in human medicine and surgery."

The 70th Makerere graduation ceremony was held yesterday and among those that graduated was none other than Rema's Mwami Omu Bwati, Hamzah Ssebunya...

Sebunya arrived at the time when the Prime Minister was addressing those that had just graduated interrupting his speech in the process as many were at the time shouting his name and Rema's.

"My dream came true...Ono Clear  tutuluntuntuuuuu..." Rema celebrated the moment away using her latest song 'Clear' before reminding her fans that on Valentine's day, she will be performing live at Hotel Africana.


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Fellow artists like Iryn Namubiru and Hellen Lukoma were happy for her.

Rema was so excited that she took the most pics of her hubby and having achieved this, the 'Lean on Me' singer says she will have to resume her studies to complete the Degree course that she left midway while at Kyambogo University after music had taken most of her time.

Hamzah and Rema

Hamzah and his wife Rema Namakula at Makerere University after he graduated in Medicine and Surgery


Oli Wange, Lowoza Kunze, Deep in Love, Mchunzi, Atuuse, Kukaliba, Fire Tonight are some of Rema's love songs that she has lined up for her fans on the day of lovers.

Entrance will be 100k and 3million for a table.

Rema has her latest song dubbed CLEAR which she dedicated to her new found love, Hamzah, in the song she tells him that when her mind is in thinking mode, it is him occupying her mind and when her heart beats, it beats for him.

Rema was previously dating Eddy Kenzo who has constantly told his fans how he did not spend so much time looking at the blackboard after he became an orphan at a tender age, but he has managed to fight the odds to extent of being one of the most celebrated artists in the land not forgetting he is the only artist in Uganda who has brought in a BET award.


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