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Unstoppable Eddy Kenzo outs another hit dubbed Tweyagale

December 25, 2020 06:30 PM @ugandaonline

In the Tweyagale song, Eddy Kenzo asks Ugandans to have fun to the fullest, he also hints at replacing Rema he says that ; "No Matter if Iam single, one day I will be double..."

Eddy Kenzo working on releasing the Tweyagale video

Eddy Kenzo in studio as he was recording the Tweyagale audio

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Eddy Kenzo has released yet another one at the time when his Semyekozo was still doing just fine, Tweyagale, is Eddy Kenzo's latest and it sounds even better than Semyekozo according to some fans.

In the song, Eddy Kenzo says that he is a nice guy who won't do certain things just to please a few people...

"Sikozesa bintu Bikyamu, [I don't use substances]
Sseguya Mwana Adamu, [I don't give a]
Kuba Abamu muli bakyamu, [Some of you are bad people]
Ehh Muli Bakyamu...[Eh you're bad...]


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Waliwo abansudde mubiri Ebizibu, [Some people caused me problems]
Nga Bagala Ngwe nve Kumirimu..."[With the aim of frustrating my music career]

"No matter if I am single, one day I will be double..." Kenzo adds.


Again, still going by his Semyekozo lyrics where, he uses the line of when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade juice, he has not skipped talking about his bad experience a few months back, when he says that some people caused him problems, but he adds by asking his fans to have fun, which is also the title of the song.

If you are a Kenzo fan, you will notice how he plays around with his words like in the Signal song; "Tobuza Networka, It is a good tracka..", he has done the same with Tweyagale.

The audio was produced by Steyn and just yesterday, Kenzo and his crew were busy shooting the video that will be out in a week's time according to a source from the Big Talent Crew.

This is Eddy Kenzo's first song in 2020. 

David Lutalo is the other artist who has released a song in the new year and this time around trying to tap into Bebe Cool's comfort zone through his Amelida song.

Here is the Tweyagale Audio:


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