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Zuena thinking of ditching her short hair style for wigs and hair extensions

February 11, 2020 12:05 PM @ugandaonline

Zuena borrows a leaf from Zari, she is thinking of turning to wigs and hair extensions as opposed to her short hairstyle that has been more or less her trademark.

Zuena has for long been with her short hair, but now thinking of turning to wigs, will Bebe Cool allow?

Zuena has for long been with her short hair, but now thinking of turning to wigs, will Bebe Cool allow?

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Bebe Cool's wife is thinking of investing heavily in wigs and hair extensions after this black and white wig did justice to her, the mom of five looked stunningly beautiful.

"I better start investing in more wigs.... Sikyo?"  She completed her statement with Kapa Cat's grabber word, Sikyo that normally deserves a 'Kyekyo' response.

Lydia Jazmine, Leila Kayondo, Halima Namakula and Juliana Kanyomozi's sister, actress Laura Kahunde, seemed to agree with her.

Just like Zari, in 365 days, she will always have her hair extensions on, at least for more than 300 days in a year, very rarely will she show off her natural hair.


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As Zuena contemplates on changing her hairstyle, her hubby over the weekend said that they will be holding their long awaited wedding in under two years now that he has literally done everything he needed to do including moving into their house after renting for over 20 years.


The Wire Wire singer revealed this while giving out the two rides to some of his staffers he said had been so loyal to him over the years.

He also recalled the hard times back then when Zuena decided to settle with this boy who was so broke driving his first car, a Golf that had a leaking roof coupled with exhaust fumes congesting the interior as the car struggled to move uphill.

For now, though, it is left to be seen if Bebe Cool will appreciate the proposed new hairstyle compared to what he has been used to over the years when his baby mama, he fondly calls Mummy Zue has been wearing all this while.

Zuena Kirema

Zuena Kirema


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