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Pallaso speaks out following the South Africa brutal attack

February 20, 2020 5:35 PM @ugandaonline

Pallaso broke down while narrating his ordeal following him being attacked by a mob in South Africa when he was recording his latest video...

Pallaso breaks down while explaining his ordeal

Pallaso breaks down while explaining his ordeal

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Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has come out to give his account of what happened to him yesterday.

Clad in a white T-shirt and black shorts, Pallaso whose wounds were covered with bandages after being discharged from the hospital where he had been receiving treatment.

He was forced to speak out as a different story on what happened was, doing the rounds so he had to come out and clear the space.

"It is sad. We were shooting a video, we had very many vehicles and I got into one of the vehicles..."

We went to another outdoor location, but along the way, he parked by the roadside to buy some snacks for the crew.

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However, where we parked, there was a group that comprised of children singing and shouting. I had wrapped a Ugandan flag around my neck.

In the vicinity, some women identified me and they came along to take snaps with me. Some folks from the group were concerned about this guy women were taking pics with.


Another man from the group started recording us while a woman was shouting on top of her voice in the local language.

On asking what she was saying, they told me that she is saying that we don't want them in their country and here we are coming to record videos from their country.

I decided to move to the car and as I walked to the car, I was hit the first stone. It was then that I decided to run to another car of one of the guys I thought was my fan now that he was clad in a t-shirt with RAW which means Radio and Weasel, but to my surprise, he sped off...

Pallaso crying as he explains what happened in South Africa

I was beaten in the middle of the road like a thief, I met another man armed with a panga, which I just missed by a whisker.

I had said my last prayer because I was surrounded by many guys, one of them pulled me by the hair and kicked me in the tummy.

I was knocked by a car at the traffic lights, I grabbed the car handle of this car trying to force it open, but the driver sped off leaving me with a car handle.

I later rushed into a school garage and hid one of the corners. They had stolen all my money. I grabbed my phone to call my friends in South Africa but none of them were picking.

It was then that I went live on Facebook and while at it, an armed security man came to me asking who I was, I told him that I'm from Congo...

Pallaso's right index finger was hurt during the scuffle

He later called the police that came and picked me...While in the car, I told the policemen that I had communicated to some policemen who never helped me claiming that we also don't like them when they come to our country.

Fellow Ugandans, whatever happened to me could happen to anyone, so please South Africans who annoyed you to this extent?

I have a show in South Africa and I will perform at whatever cost, my fans, just be strong because I am except for the pain that I'm feeling right now.


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