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How Zari, Wema and Hamisa reacted to Diamond's Women's Day message

March 10, 2020 08:10 AM @ugandaonline

Zari was not bothered as she was very busy in Kampala while Wema Sepetu used the moment to cry her heart for him, you are welcome baby any time as your place in my heart is intact. Hamisa Mobetto was very excited now that she was celebrated, Diamond very rarely recognizes her and as for Tanasha, she is still getting to terms with her single life, she spent the weekend at Swahili Beach relaxing and unwinding while exploring the opportunities before her.

Zari on her Chrysler in Kampala on Women's Day

Zari on her Chrysler in Kampala on Women's Day - "I have no time for small talk, vision too big..."

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On the International Women's Day, Diamond Platnumz took to his wall to share the women he celebrated in his life and among them was his daughter, mother. His sisters did not miss.

The other women in the collage included all his baby mama's and his other long time lover, Wema Sepetu, and for the record, they are all now his ex-lovers after Tanasha Donna joined the X-club recently.


Zari who dumped her baby daddy with a black rose on Valentine's Day two years back is currently in Kampala where she has been since Women's Day, however, the news of her baby daddy recognizing her the way he did had no impact.

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The mom of five who is very busy with business meetings just shot back with this line;

"I have no time for the small talk. Vision too big."

She is seen striking a pose on her black ZARI customized Chrysler clad in a denim short dress, she completed her look with a Louis Vuitton Women's Lock it Flat going for $134.



Diamond and Wema Sepetu still have strong feelings for each other and of all the ex-lover's, it was her that responded positively and publicly, the others might have done it via the DM if at all they did.

Wema Sepetu's response to Diamond Platnumz

In the pic is Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz, this was on the night that made Zari thrown in the towel after these pics leaking

"You always have a special place in my heart and you know it," Wema replied to Diamond's Women's Day message.

When Wema showed off her new lover that he captioned as 'My future husband', Diamond Platnumz was in shock as he always thought he was the man in Wema's heart and just like she confirmed in her caption, but this new lover caused her problems to the extent of being banned from acting for a few months after her cozy clip with new lover leaked.

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With Tanasha having bowed out of the race, Wema could easily bounce back though with her rapid weight loss, she is certainly not the Wema Mondi used to love and cherish back then, though some say she was trying to get to Tanasha's size.


It is not always that Diamond Platnumz talks about Hamisa Mobetto, he never does. In fact, had it not been for the child they share together, Misa as she is fondly referred to by close pals would never have been known as the instructions to her were very clear.

"I want nothing to do with you!!" was the attitude she was given until she had to come out to fight for what was "rightfully" hers when she came out to claim that Diamond was her baby daddy.

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The Baba Lao crooner soon took responsibility for his actions, but when it came to child support, again they had to end up in court.

Mentioning her on his wall as one of the women he celebrates on Women's Day was kind of welcomed with a smile in fact, Misa took to her wall to share some red outfit while celebrating the moment away.


The new single mom just spent her quality time at the Swahili beach with her baby Naseeb Jr, she was equally not bothered by her baby daddy who was now confirming that they had split after she put her on the same collage with her ex-lovers, this just confirmed that it was official they were worlds apart.

Tanasha Donna taking off time at the Swahili Beach

Tanasha Donna taking off time at the Swahili Beach


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