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Spice Diana advises on the best hairstyle during the lockdown period

April 08, 2020 09:02 AM @ugandaonline

Hair salons are some of the businesses that don't fall in the essential business category following the Coronavirus outbreak, they were closed. Spice Diana has opted for cornrows as her quarantine hairstyle...

Spice Diana showing off her cornrows

Spice Diana showing off her cornrows, she says it is the best hairstyle thsi season

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It is day 8 of the lockdown and hair salons like other businesses are among those that are feeling the hit during this lockdown period after they fell in the category of "non-essential business."

We've seen family members resort to the 'Kinyozi' type of salons that used to operate under the trees back in the years as a way of taking care of their looks during the lockdown.

It could bring a new wave of hairstyles as it is family members and not the professional barbers that are in charge, so they will do it their way not forgetting that some are using a pair of scissors which can easily give you the Amooti Omubalanguzi type of hairstyle.

For the majority of women, the bald head style is not their thing though, depending on how long the lockdown takes, we could see many taking that route or better still turning to dreads that do not require salon frequent visits.


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Spice Diana is one of those who are affected already and she is very quickly thinking out of the box as she explores the best hairstyles during this quarantine period.

The artist who added a song on the Corona playlist shared her latest hairstyle which happens to be cornrows or braids and that seems to be the best for now if the person doing it is from the same house and they have been staying at home.


"The only affordable hairstyle in this Quarantine, Ladies am I lying? Who can relate," She asked.

Some responses to her question were suggesting a bald head or just leave the hair grow, who knows you might as well love the natural look.

Spice Diana's option of cornrows could be okay, but given the prevailing conditions of social distancing, you are better off with whatever hairstyle until the situation returns to normal after all, it is the lockdown period, just put a bandana on your head and  your good to go.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana


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