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Jackie Chandiru in love again, pleads with haters not to spoil things for her

April 22, 2020 06:40 AM @ugandaonline

Jackie Chandiru living life to the fullest after finding love and drug recovery. I have been to hell on foot and back AND that one thing that made me fall and hit my head so hard won’t make me stop standing up again and trying...

Jackie Chandiru glowing after fully recovering from addiction

Jackie Chandiru glowing after fully recovering from addiction

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Ex Blu3 star Jackie Chandiru is living life to the fullest after her drug recovery. The Gold Digger singer was able to send love to her fans during this COVID-19 pandemic letting them know that no situation is permanent.

On Sunday, she showed off her wedding ring with this caption;
"Beautiful... Isn't it?. Lockdown isn't only about tears, but tears of joy."

Jackie, who is currently in Germany is tight lipped about her lover who put a ring on it, but the Queen from West Nile adds that she won't be sharing her private life again given the past experiences.

Jackie was married to Nol Van Vliet, who always stood by her during the troubled times.

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In a long post, Jackie is bitter about some people who could end up messing her new life and also destroying her new found love.

There are people who post and write about me and pull negativity..I post something and people come up with a million and 10 stories! 


This ain’t right, DM me and ask if it’s true or not, some bloggers have gone deep into my personal life and past and are spreading rumors they create themselves. WHY ARE YOU NOT HUMAN?

All these deformation for what? You are destroying someone’s marriage somewhere, but clearly to you it’s all about likes and comments, my EX husband has completely nothing to do with my current life! 

An ex will always be an ex and you all know that. One thing for sure I can NEVER under any circumstances put my private life again out there like I did before...I can’t make that mistake and unless I say who am with, STOP making these baseless assumptions and stop letting the devil make you fight the daughter of God! 

Jackie Chandiru

Jackie Chandiru

TEXT and ask and I will answer you, it doesn’t cost’s just human coz that’s what I am, I am very happy now, but such  are what can drive a person to depression and destroy relationships. 

The gentleman you troll (EX) is and has been an amazing person to me and never did any of those things you keep saying about him which makes me sad, because it is pathetic. 

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I have been to hell on foot and back and I LOVE my fans and people who stood by me through all this to death. 

This time I put behind my weight, I picked myself up and I strike as the foundation of a pride, one thing that made me fall and hit my head so hard won’t make me stop standing up again and trying...So for all that are hurt over this anticipate here to STAY!

"I love my fans to death, we’ll be together soon, I promise. 
Happy quarantine, it’s all over soon in Jesus‘ name," Jackie concluded.


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