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Bebe Cool delivered a birthday cake to Chameleone baked by Zuena

May 02, 2020 02:00 PM @ugandaonline

The birthday boy had a surprise guest coming to him with a birthday cake from Bebe Cool's wife, Zuena Kirema, this turned up to be the highlight of his special day...

Chameleone and Bebe Cool

Chameleone and Bebe Cool and the background are the birthday boy's parents Gerald and Prossy Mayanja

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On Saturday April, 30 2020 was Chameleone's birthday as he turned 41, which happens to be a year below Bebe Cool's age, it is no wonder he was referring to him as Uncle Moses...

Chameleone who was in his compound roasting chicken thighs and breasts saw a black V8 similar to his that was impounded on Easter Sunday pull through his parking lot.

He wondered which Minister had come to pay him a visit, but on looking closely, it was Bebe Cool who pulled out of the V8 armed with a cake that was made by none other his dear wife, Zuena Kirema.

A visibly excited Chameleone was seen ushering his guest to the living where they talked about a number of issues including recalling their times way back in Nairobi let alone the fights they had in the last years.

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The two artists used the opportunity to let their fans know that they are men now who should not be engaging in any fights like it was in the past.


These were the words Chameleone used after the kind gesture from Bebe Cool and Zuena.

"What an honor to have my cake from Zuena I have always waited to Taste. Am so glad I was patient for the right time. Thanks Bebe Cool for lifting up my day too. We come far and whatever is left, we shall achieve. I wish your family a happy Ramadan."

Chameleone performing at his home on his birthday

Chameleone performing at his home on his birthday


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