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Why Sheilah Gashumba revealed the 'shocking' earnings by TV presenters

May 03, 2020 12:35 AM @ugandaonline

Sheila Gashumba has been trending on Twitter for the last several hours after she touched a topic that many have been fearing to discuss, it left many in shock!!

Sheila Gashumba and her lover Marcus Lwanga aka God's Plan

Sheila Gashumba and her loaded lover Marcus Lwanga aka God's Plan

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Sheilah Gashumba has taken over Twitter. 

In the last couple of hours, the top two trending keywords are Sheila at number one followed by Gashumba.

This follows her revelation that she was earning 400,000/- per month as a host for the Style Project show. The Lil Stunner as she prefers to call herself added that her hair alone was going for 300,000/- makeup artist could take 80,000/- per appearance implying that in just one show, Sheilah had already spent more than what she earns in a month.

The above breakdown does not include transport and the outfits which she is very careful not to recycle.

"I was working for that pay because I loved being on TV, but when you grow older, you realize it’s not about what you love but, your value and how much you are being paid for the job!! You are either paid your worth or you walk out," Frank Gashumba's daughter explained further.

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What sparked all this?

It all started with a TV presenter early in the week who put the reigning Miss Uganda to shame.

"Imagine that Top TV presenter was busy demeaning Miss Uganda for peanuts!! What a sad story! Now you know why I was so mad about that interview. Imagine a fellow woman shaming another woman live on TV in 2020."


However, it looks like Sheila opened up a topic that was of interest to many, but not many were willing to tackle, matters are made worse that given the COVID-19 pandemic, some employers have gone ahead to reduce salaries by certain percentages.

The timing has also helped the issue that Sheilah raised to trend further because the topic was started on Labour Day and tomorrow, It is Press Freedom day, so many are trying to use the opportunity to have some of these gaps addressed.

In the same vein, she has had to back up her point every time the situation warranted and these are some of her tweets;

"Lol those asking me why I'm complaining yet I don’t have a degree!! Lol maybe we talk about why are you're getting paid 400,000ugshs with your degree."

Sheila Gashumba tweets...

Sheila Gashumba's tweets!!

"This is a general problem at all TV STATIONS. The problem is that most people think I’m trying to fight NTV!! No I’m not!! I’m trying to fight for better pay for TV presenters, camera crew, producers etc!! Y’all deserve much more and you know it!!"

"My house help is paid 400,000ugsh a month minus transport (she isn’t a stay in house help) Ps; all she does is to come and clean, no cooking and no washing of clothes!! Looks like I pay my house help the same money I was being paid by Style Project a Month!"

Sheilah Gashumba is an Africell Brand Ambassador something that brings in some good money for her to supplement her 400k job.


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