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Tanasha Donna not happy with Diamond Platnumz not promoting her Sawa song

By Mico 04 Jun 2020 12:20 PM EAT

Tanasha Donna asks Diamond Platnumz why he did not post her Sawa video on his timeline...This was after she had sent him a clip promoting his Quaratine song, she had expected him to do the same, but looks like the Utanipenda star is bent on reuniting with Zari

Sawa Vs Quarantine

Tanasha Donna has Sawa with 988K views while Diamond Platnumz's Quarantine has 4.9M views in a week

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Tanasha Donna is now into music and in her words, her world revolves around her son, Naseeb Junior and music. She released her Sawa song on YouTube six days back just around the same time Diamond Platnumz had released his Quarantine song.

As expected, promotion for the two songs has been going on and among the promo efforts, Zari and daughter, Tiffah, were on board to promote the Quarantine song.

Diamond Platnumz's Quaratine song has close to 5M views in a week while Tanasha Donna's Sawa has 988k in six days.

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In the last couple of days, Zari has proved that they are getting on well with Diamond Platnumz and this can be seen from the way she is promoting the Bongo Star's music.

This got Tanasha Donna thinking very hard and just like Zari promoted the Quarantine song, she did the same.

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Tanasha forwarded a clip of the Quaratine song playing in the background as baby Naseeb was being held up and down as though dancing to the music. In the same clip, a young girl is dancing to the song.


Tanasha Donna's response to Diamond Platnumz

"Thank you for the clip," Diamond responded.

"You're welcome, but why didn't you post the clip my dear colleague?"

You should be wondering where Tanasha Donna wanted her post to appear!! Yes, she wanted her post to appear on Diamond's wall just like he did for Zari.

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Tanasha is not happy with that move and the emoji she used says it all, it confirms exactly the way she thinks of her baby daddy. He should have done better.

Her fans have been on her case after this development.

"She should be promoting her songs and not Diamond's," One noted.

Tanasha is pretty much aware of that, but just as well, Diamond Platnumz has 9.6M followers on Instagram so a mention of the Sawa song on his wall would do a lot in pushing up the Sawa song from the 988K Views to at least millions.

Diamond Platnumz looks like he is on a mission to make things work out between him and Zari, promoting Tanasha's music does not seem to be top of his agenda.

He even shipped a toy kitchen set to Tiffah who was more than happy to open the pack while shouting, "Thank you Daddy for my toy."


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