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Bad Black gives up on Alicia Boss Chic, but shares just this one pic

By Mico 05 Jun 2020 08:13 PM EAT

Bad Black has chosen not to take on Alicia Boss Chic who has taken it to herself to engage her on social media. Mama Jonah has released a pic of a dark Alicia who was a national TV telling whoever cared to know that she is a brown skin gal...

Kaiyz, Alicia and Bad Black

Kaiyz and Alicia after the interview in which she used Bad Black as an example while referring to _ex workers..,

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Bad Black gives up on Alicia Boss Chic, but shares just this one pic

Socialite Bad Black has had issues with a UK based social media enthusiast, Rita Kaggwa and in one of her interviews, the 'Mercielo' Queen noted that she had named one of her puppies after her.

Days after that online exchange, another one crosses into her path and this is none other than Alica Boss Chic real name Alicia Kembabazi.

Alicia was being interviewed on NBS UNCUT and surely there was not much to concentrate on other than the provocative dress code she displays on her wall which prompted a question as to whether she was prostituting herself.

Alicia was quick to defend herself by saying no, though she loves to dress in a manner that could pass for suggestive outfits.

"I'm not a prostitute, you all know them, Bad Black is one of them."

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Bad Black got to learn of this, this was her response;

"I've suffered and at this rate, I will switch to being a Kenyan, did you see the struggling socialite trying to explain herself?"

Bad Black's response

Bad Black's response after Alicia Boss Chics' comments....


This time I have decided not to reply because without me, you won't have any attention. For the first time I will respect myself, I can’t exchange with a liar."

It was not long before Alicia bounced back assuring Bad Black of how she is way better than her.

"Hi guys as you can see I've just 'WaKe' up!! to a lot of messages about how Bad Black is abusing me..."

Bad Black and Alicia Boss Chic

Bad Black and Alicia Boss Chic

That was Alicia's opening line before switching to Luganda which she was comfortable with and this was her message;

"Bad Black, I just used you as an example because you refer to yourself as such, which lie did I tell?, I thought you were proud of it."

You are misleading the young girls after you pocketed billions. I'm only 23 and going by your age, you're my mother. If you want us to respect you, then you should change your attitude.

Who do you think you are? "Go me slow" as in Ngenda Mpola...!

"I am a sharp shooter if you closely look at my centerfolds, I am not as old as you, I don't even use makeup, this is my original color."


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