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Bad Black on rampage after not being paid for her COVID advert

By Michael Nampala 13 Jun 2020 12:00 PM EAT

On top of the 500Million, Bad Black wants those in prostitution to be given beans and posho as they have been out of business for a while now due to Covid-19...

Bad Black is demanding for 550 million from government

Bad Black is demanding for 550 million from government

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Ex-con Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black is spitting fire after not being paid for her services to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

You must have seen an advert of Bad Black who now brands herself as an Independent Hustler appealing to the young girls not to get close to the truck drivers in any way possible.

As part of the negotiations, Bad Black was promised to meet the number one citizen and it is the sole reason she accepted to be recorded appealing to women out there to steer clear from truck drivers.

"I did my job as a good citizen, I'm not into politics, I'm an independent hustler don't mess with me, I need my money paid coz you won't be feeding my children...Achen and Atwine are not picking my calls, but they are proud to post me on their pages, do you know what you dealt with..."

It is then that she laughed at herself after realizing that her English could make one sick as she sipped on her red wine.

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In a letter from her lawyers dated June 12, Bad Black states that she was approached by Ronex Tembo Kisembo who was acting on behalf of the Ministry of Health and among the other terms of the deal, she was to meet the President, but none of the issues agreed upon have been met.


"Our client therefore complains of having been used, duped, deceived and tricked into recording an advert for the government under a false promise that a meeting would be arranged for her to meet the President, discuss payments and be paid, which has not been fulfilled, hence this intended court action."

Bad Black's letter of intent to sue

Bad Black's letter of intent to sue

Bad Black through her lawyers wants half a billion plus 50 million for damages caused and mental anguish she suffered. The letter of intent to sue addressed to the Attorney General and copied to the President gives them fourteen days to respond.

Bad Black has other issues disturbing her and that is none other than her colleagues whom she says need food because they have been locked down for a while now, she wants three trucks of posho and beans on top of her 500Million.

Bad Black during her live video

Bad Black during her live video


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