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Zahara Totto dumped by her lover Don Solo

By Michael Nampala 11 Aug 2020 01:10 PM EAT

You are used to the motormouthed Zahara Totto when she is giving you all the Gossip around K-City, but the Zahara you are about to listen to in this clip is a composed, madly in love, and pleading not to be dumped as Don Solo assures her that he is done with the relationship.

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Zahara Totto dumped by lover Don Solo

Zahara Totto dumped by lover Don Solo

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In the clip, Don Solo accuses Zahara for insulting his parents including those that she has never met, she did not spare the gate man, his Pastor was equally dealt with and she is overheard in the clip saying she does not care about anyone apart from him.

"Zahara, I am done, please forgive me, I am out of this relationship," Don Solomon tells the NBS Kalakata gossip show host.

The mom of four is heard pleading with her lover who seems not  interested at this time reminding her of how she has been assuring her of how he can be replaced in a minute.

"No, Please No, Don't do it... Baby Baby, Do I beg you sometimes, so if I am begging you today that means I made a mistake, whatever happened, I was drunk, I am sorry," a crying Zahara pleaded.


"It is not the first time you are drinking. I am not comfortable with this relationship anymore, I just want to move on."

Zahara tried to plead with her lover of one year, but he seemed to have made up his mind and did not want anything to do with the relationship.

She also told him that her actions had been triggered by his  promiscuous dating.

The Momo Nyabo brand Ambassador after realizing that her Don Solo had made up his mind, she knew there was nothing to save at this time, so she went on her Snapchat and told her followers of how she had dumped her lover who she was at this time equating to the opening where the gastrointestinal tract ends and exits the body.

Don Solo is the man who bought Zahara an old BMW whose number plate she covered with a piece of paper, and that was news on the NBS gossip show, UNCUT Kalakata, but yesterday, clad in her blue suit, she was very silent on this and just talking about the Eddy Kenzo leaked audio about Bobi Wine.

Zahara Totto ride

 Big Papa has gifted Totto with a white BMW 2-door coupe and she can't keep calm.


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