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YouTube: Top Ugandan Music Videos for the year 2019-2020

By Michael Nampala 04 Sep 2020 12:02 PM EAT

This report starts in March 2019 and it focuses on the top 10 of each week. It should be noted that each week has the top 100 videos based on YouTube views.

March 2019

In the first week of March, 2019 John Blaq's Obubadi and Tukwatagane songs took that week, followed by Tetema by Rayvanny ft Diamond Platnumz. Bebe Cool's Easy followed in that order.

Eddy Kenzo's Ogwo, King Saha's Hullo Hullo, Bango by Rickman and DT Timo, Singa by YKee Benda were spotted in the top 10 for that week.

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Top YouTube music videos in Uganda

Top YouTube music videos in Uganda

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There was not much change in the week that followed other than Irene Ntale and Ray Signature's Pen and Paper that were in the top ten for the second week.

Spice Diana and King Saha join the top ten in the third week with their Best Friend collaboration song.

In the fourth week of March, John Blaq's Obubadi and Tukwatagane were still dominating the top, he released Makanika that ranked number three after his two other songs in the fourth week of March clearly ruling the month of March with 3 videos that were most watched, two of which had been on top of the charts for 4 weeks.

April 2019

John Blaq was toppled from the top by two ladies who ganged up to claim their spot at the top and these were none other than Sheebah Karungi and Carol Nantongo with their Silwana collaboration song. It is important to add that their YouTube views were 70K plus in that week though below Eddy Kenzo's 75K Tweyagale views for a week in the month of March 2020.

In the second week of April, Fresh Kid hits the top 10 for that week with his Bambi song in which he was appealing to the authorities to let him sing, but he was still below Sheebah Karungi and Jon Blaq who were still enjoying top spots as a result of the efforts from the previous weeks.

In the week that followed, Eddy Kenzo with his Signal song trails right behind Sheebah and Carol Nantongo who were still enjoying the top with Silwana. Signal was the best thing that happened to the top ten videos for that week as far as Ugandan videos were concerned.

In the last week of April, Sheila and Nantongo bounced back to the top pushing down Eddy Kenzo's Signal from No.2 to No.7. Fresh Kid continued to rub shoulders with John Blaq in the top ten. Diamond Platnumz is also spotted in the top ten with his The One song.

May 2019

Gutujja by Rema and the B2C joins the top 10, but settles for the number 2 spot as Silwana by Carol Nantongo and Sheebah is still topping the charts. Gutujja was the best thing that happened to the top ten for the first week of May.

Tubikole by Weasel and King Saha joins the top ten as Sheebah and Carol, John Blaq enjoy the top 5 for several weeks in a row.

Daddy Andre with 'More and More' is seen in the top charts for that week. During the week of May 17-23, Sheebah dethrones herself from the top spot that Silwana had enjoyed for 8 weeks with another of hers dubbed Jealousy which had 62.5k views for that week alone.

In the last week of May, Sheebah saw another of her songs dubbed Kimansulo joining the top ten. This was the time when  she had declined to have a battle with Cindy.

Another one dubbed No Letting Go by Lydia Jazmine and Beenie Gunter is spotted in the top ten for that week.


June 2019

After his three songs dominating the last several weeks on the charts, John Blaq bounced back with another one dubbed Do Dat, it had 62.4K views in that week.

In the second week of June, John Blaq continued to enjoy the hotspot, though we registered new players in the top 10 and those were Eddy Kenzo with his Volongoto, A Pass with Chupa Ku Chupa, and Cindy returned fire with CopiCat to Sheebah Karungi's Kimansulo.

During the third week, while Jon Blaq's Do Dat continued to enjoy the top spot, new players were spotted in the top ten and these were Fik Fameica and Pato Ranking with Omu Bwati, and Bambi by King Saha. They enjoyed the positions of No.6 and No.9 respectively.

The last week of June was a bit slow as it saw John Blaq dropped from the top, but with his Tukwatagane as the only song in the top 10 at No.9 [17 weeks on the chart] and Sheebah Karungi's Onkutudde taking over the top spot with just 39.3K views.

Omusheshe by Spice Diana and Ray G was the top video for that week in July

July 2019

The week starts with Rema's Gutujja at the top and in the next week, Rema bounces back to the top with 'Be With You' that had 95.7K views in just one week.

In the third week, that followed, Spice Diana and Ray G jumped to the top with their Omusheshe collaboration song. In the same month, Weasel with Malaika and Gravity Omutujju with Kappa Yo are spotted in the top ten.

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