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Bebe Cool explains how he made Bobi Wine

November 06, 2019 4:10 PM @ugandaonline

Bebe Cool facing off with Buyaga West MP Hon. Tinkasimire

Bebe Cool facing off with Buyaga West MP Hon. Tinkasimire, he also revealed that he created a group called Fire Base and its main aim was to fight Jose Chameleone

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Bebe Cool was this morning, appearing as a guest on the NBS Morning Breeze program alongside Buyaga West MP Hon. Barnabas Tinkasimire. The dad of six was clad in a dark maroon short sleeved shirt that showed off his biceps.

Bebe was obviously asked about the recent appointments of Buchaman, Catherine Kusasira and Full Figure and this was his take:

"The appointments are okay and everything happens at the right time. Who else is better than Buchaman when it comes to the Ghetto? Would you want that Mr. Tinkasimire advises the President about the Ghetto!!"

The President is for all the people and he needs information from all corners of the country including the Ghetto. And for Kusasira, the world now is focusing on empowering women, so her appointment is a good thing for the millions of women out there who would wish to join the entertainment industry.

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Hon. Tinkasimire wonders why the appointments of the artists are coming after 34 years, but the son of the former Minister has never lived in the Ghetto although he wears the hair of the Ghetto.

This irked Bebe Cool that he had to bring out the proof to back up his strong Ghetto links.

Bebe Cool narrating how he made Bobi Wine back then
Bebe Cool narrating how he made Bobi Wine back then


"I think Mr. Tinkasimire did not do enough research while coming for this show to talk about Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine, there's a lot you don't know."

"I am the maker of Bobi Wine in the Ghetto. I lived in two Ghetto's in Uganda and that is Kamwokya and Kanyanya. I am the maker of Bobi Wine handed over by his elder brother, Eddie Yawe, who also taught me music when I was a young boy."

Kamwokya is okay, but Kanyanya was a Ghetto mixed with witchcraft and all sorts of issues and that is where I lived all my life from primary, secondary and I could walk from Kanyanya to Mawanda road all the way to Kitante.

You made Bobi Wine!!

"Yes, this is how it happened. At a certain time, I formed a group called Fire Base and its main aim was to fight Jose Chameleone."

In Nairobi where I was, Chameleone joined me there and we agreed to work together. He came back to Uganda and had a hit song (Mama Mia) that made him so popular.

We went to a concert one day and Jose Chameleone had bought a new car that he drove right in the middle of the audience while Bobi Wine was on stage, so all the attention turned to Chameleone.

It was then that he (Bobi Wine) came to my home crying and saying; How can this friend (Chameleone) of yours do this to me.
Bebe Cool continues with his explanation of him being a Ghetto stronghold.

"I grew up under the care of a single mother. Just because I am a son of Hon. Bindandi Ssali does not mean he fathered me, he is my biological father, but he did not father me."


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