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Lyyn Simba Mama Lao is done with Dubai and now off to Thailand

November 19, 2019 9:010 PM @ugandaonline

Socialite Lyyn travelled to Dubai to rub shoulders with some of the top African artists who were in Dubai for the Africa One Music Fest

Dubai has not been bad for Lyyn, she is now off to Thailand

Dubai has not been bad for Lyyn, she is now off to Thailand. Inset, she is seen with Tekno...

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Tanzanian singer and model Irene Louis aka Lyyn is done with Dubai, where she was rubbing shoulders with top African artists and exploring possibilities of collaborations to boost her music career.

She was spotted with singer Tekno of the Diana fame.

Read AlsoTanasha Donna worried Lyyn could meet with Diamond Platnumz in Dubai

Lyyn is one of those Diamond Platnumz's ex-lovers that has been giving Tanasha trouble, especially that time when she had more time for her phone as opposed to now when she spends her valuable time taking care of Naseeb Jr.

The Tanzanian socialite told her fans before leaving TZ that she was en route to Dubai to meet her fans, but since she has been closely linked to Diamond who happened to be in Dubai at the same time with her, many were left wondering if she could let the moment go just like that.

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The pics and clips doing the rounds show Diamond and Wizkid in the company of many babes, some local others flew all the way, though Diamond seems to be very close to the one in red and going by her hair, she is certainly not Lyyn.


It should also be recalled that it is this very cuddling that caused him problems with Zari. He was cuddling his other ex-lover, Wema Sepetu, at the time he was dating Zari, and this is exactly what led to their separation.

Diamond Platnumz cuddling a female fan at a club in Dubai

Diamond Platnumz (red hat) and WizKid in the company of female fans at a club in Dubai, though going by the hair, none of the female fans had pink braids

All this is happening after his half sister Queen Darleen in a recent interview revealed that the reason Diamond Platnumz postponed his wedding with Tanasha Donna was because he did not want to lose his female fan base.

Darleen adds that Diamond is worried he could not do certain things if he was married and this very issue was discussed between Diamond and Tanasha.

Is this reason strong enough to postpone a wedding, may be yes, may be not.

Lyyn is now heading to Thailand where she will be meeting more of her fans...


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