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'Rich' MC Kats to build a house in Munyonyo as he retires

November 28, 2019 11:30 PM @ugandaonline

MC Kats has pulled out his visas, land agreements, champagne bottles and DMCs to prove that he is rich, he also warns that he will be retiring next year while constructing a house in Munyonyo...I AM RICH he emphasized!!

MC Kats shows off his "assets" to prove that he is rich

MC Kats shows off his "assets" to prove that he is rich

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For starters, MC Kats is in London alongside DJ's Slick Stuart and Roja together with Grenade, Fik Fameica and A-Pass, the artists that will be entertaining guests at the Shady Mixtape 3 that will be held at The Royal Regency on Friday (Nov. 29).

Before leaving for London, Kats was having issues with a Kampala based producer only known as Sidesoft over money that went missing, Sidesoft clearly said that he cannot steal money from someone who has never held 7million.

This rubbed Katamba the wrong way and to prove his case, he pulled out his Kibanja agreement for a piece of land in the outskirts of Mukono, a pic of his two DMC's that include a black Harrier and an old model convertible plus house shells of what looked like a one bedroom house with a kitchen outside, these he called apartments. 

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"For long I have let people step on me, I have kept quiet but you have no idea what I have been through to get here."

"Yes, I have travelled the world, Yes am rich from today."


To prove that he is widely traveled, he shared copies of his current UK visa and a few others, though what was of interest here was his age, the passport reflected that he was born on 01.Jun.1987 which makes him a 32-year-old.

He later revealed that on the eve of his 33rd birthday, which happens to be next year, he will be retiring because he has made quite enough money.

Most of the comments seemed to be pointing at the fact that he was only declaring his poverty as opposed to his wealth and he should stop it, henceforth.

After taking a few pints, MC Kats dashed to one late night shop in London and started recording himself to let whoever cared to know that he was in London, the shop attendant looked very worried.

He later told those who were doubting his bank balance to look forward to a Super Custom Hiace and a Harrier (Kawundo) that he be buying the moment he returns from London.

These were some of the things Kats pulled out to prove that he is rich
These were some of the things Kats pulled out to prove that he is rich

This excitement that Kats has exhibited has left his colleagues laughing all the way. DJ Roja is doing the recording of the clips as MC Kats does the ranting, A Pass wonders why the man who claims to be rich is broke at the same time, Fik Fameica is enjoying his drinks while Grenade is busy hooking up some babes.

"I started working on my own 15 years back. Where do you think I have been putting all that money?"

"I have worked with WBS, NBS, host of several concerts and nights and some of that money is what I use on Heyz and Shammy K videos."

He concludes:

"Uganda am gonna show you all my assets one per day till I get back on 3 December and show you more. I am fed up and tired of you disrespecting me."


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