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Slyner Becky Juuko apologizes for her leaked pics, blames online lover

August 13, 2019, 9:47 PM @ugandaonline

Sam Bagenda, Dr. Annete Kezaabu and Becky Juuko

Sam Bagenda (Dr. Bossa) accompanied (R) Becky Juuko whose pics leaked a week back. In the middle is the PCC Chairperson Dr. Annette Kezaabu adressing the press

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Ebonies actress, Becky Juuko also known as Sulayina (Slyner) Nagendo has apologized to her fans, parents and all those who were affected by her pics that found their way on the internet.

Slyner who appeared at the Central Police Station, on Tuesday afternoon, was in the company of her boss Sam Bagenda aka Dr. Bossa and the PCC Chairperson Dr. Annette Kezaabu.

The Police Spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that she was remorseful and that it was her online lover that leaked the pics.

Slyner who had covered her head with a maroon cloth spoke out regarding the incident.

"In the past one week, my pics leaked all over social media, but it was not intentional. Yes, the pics were mine, but I am not the one who leaked them out to the public, it was someone I trusted so much."

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"The pics were taken two years back when I was in love with this person, but he betrayed me and this is how they ended up in the public."

"I would like to thank the Uganda Police and the Pornographic Committee for having given me the audience to explain everything and I am glad they understood that it was not a deliberate move."

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She went on to say that she took the pics and shared them with the person she trusted so much who unfortunately leaked them.

Some were wondering why PCC does not take action against those that publish the pics now that Slyner did not leak her own pics!

"The owner of the pictures is liable because she took them and put them wherever she put them, we want to hear her side of the story before we go for those that distributed the pics," Dr. Kezaabu explained.

Slyner Nagendo aka Becky Juuko before the police and the Pornographic Control Committee

Slyner Nagendo aka Becky Juuko before the police and the Pornographic Control Committee

"I had to be there for her as the boss, but at the same time as a parent," Dr. Bossa said.

Slyner concludes:

"I've lost everything my respect, family, friends, but I am here specifically to apologize to my fellow women and parents with children out there especially those that looked up to me."

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