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Rema is doing well, Eddy Kenzo needs counselling-Tamale Mirundi

October 15, 2019 3:23 PM @ugandaonline

Rema and Eddy Kenzo during their hey days...

Rema and Eddy Kenzo during their hey days...Tamale Mirundi - "Kenzo needs counselling"

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It is exactly one week from the time Rema introduced her new lover Hamza Ssebunya, but Kenzo won't keep calm and later today, to be exact, 4:00pm, the Sitya Loss singer will be on Facebook live to address his fans in what he has termed as; 'Time to tell the truth.'

Truth about who? Rema most probably because that is the issue at hand, though all his ranting has been about the remarks Sheikh Muzaata made at the Rema-Hamzah pre-intro that was held in Naguru.

Kenzo first wished his baby mama and new lover well, then later demanded an apology from the Sheikh for having made remarks that did not go down well with him (Kenzo) before his daughter.

In a twist of events, he returned with another message that he will not perform on any stage in Uganda if the Sheikh does not withdraw his statement.

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You should be wondering what statement Muzaata made. He was one of the few invited guests at the pre-intro that was held on Uganda's independence day and while speaking to the guests, he told Rema that; ''Kulika Bu Love Nigga Bu Semyekozo" which is one of the lines off Rema's songs hitting at those that are in love, but reluctant to take it to another level.


Again, Kenzo made another post informing his fans of how he was going to sleep at the Mosque waiting for Sheikh Muzaata to come and unite her with his mom (RIP) in marriage, he even intends to cut short his tour to return just for this.

Police yesterday arrested some of his supporters that were trying to demonstrate at the mosque demanding for an apology from the Sheikh, who has since stood by his guns claiming that he cannot apologize for saying that Rema was right to leave one who was not putting a ring on it.

Kenzo in one of his messages said that he was married to Rema because they had done the marital rites locally known as Okuwowa.

Eddy Kenzo's latest post

Tamale Mirundi has weighed in on all this...

"As a clergy, Muzaata was happy that Rema was now officially married. Regarding the abuses, that is the problem of the editor who put it in the media." 

"Why should they apologize to him, and if he says he won't sing, he is the loser. If they steal your land, do you add the thieves your land title (points at his head)"

However, I praise Rema and Kenzo for one thing, they are not exchanging abuses, they have not engaged in property struggles.

The constant posting on social media by Eddy Kenzo makes Rema the victor, it means she was counseled and Kenzo was not.

"The woman has gone, you get other women. Kenzo needs counselors. The woman has maintained her dignity while Kenzo continues to derail. Muzaata has trounced elephants so a rabbit is a walkover and if Kenzo does not get counselors, he might never marry again, because he will always mistreat them. He can never get another Rema, there was only one Rema."


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