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Fille celebrates six years in the music industry as MC Kats nearly breaks down

April 15, 2019, 7:33  PM @ugandaonline

Fille and MC Kats

Fille shared this pic on her wall while thanking MC Kats she referred to as EDDY!

"Thank You EDDY!! 6 years of FILLEMUSIC Today! 13.04.2013."

Those were the words Fille used to celebrate the milestone; however, the two are still worlds apart. The fans have continued to plead with them to reconcile their differences and have another child if possible.

"Why the Eddy name and not Taata Abby or MC Kats?" One concerned fan wondered.

On the other hand, MC Kats had fond memories of this day, recalling what they went through to release Fille's first video dubbed No Money, he shared a short clip captioned with these words;



"6 years ago I was a makeup artist in this video. The red car was legally borrowed from a garage. The owner of the dope house found us shooting from there and wanted to have us arrested."

The fans told him to take heart.

Meanwhile, he is doing something that has left many in shock, he is promoting Fille's recently released X song. In the My Ex song, Fille is literally telling her story of what her journey was with her ex-lover.

Kats has made it a point that the song is promoted and played wherever he is having a gig. Lydia Jazmine has appreciated this particular aspect about Kats saying that when you split it does not take the fact away that you had a relationship, besides, she is the mother of his child so it is okay to promote her music, the Wankolera singer added.

Then came a fan who had a message for MC Kats that nearly got him crying.

"You have always worked hard together for the success of Fille music, you sacrificed everything, you moved places promoting the music working hand in hand for the betterment of the brand that no one can miss in the music industry, happy anniversary, Fille Music."


Fille is behind songs like Love Again with a message that all men are the same followed by the X song which Fille insists has nothing to do with but all those that have ex-lovers.

In a recent interview, Fille noted that the break up with the man that introduced her to the music world is affecting her in a way, but she is learning things that otherwise she used to take for advantage through the challenges.

"Lack of respect is the main reason that led to our break-up," Fille added.

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