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Zahara Totto explains why she is showing off her lover, Big Papa

October 18, 2019 10:25 PM @ugandaonline

Zahara Totto and her Big Papa at a top hang out spot in town

Zahara Totto and her Big Papa at a top hang out spot in town, he has given her a ride, house and showering her with more love...

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Yesterday, Zahara Totto unveiled her ride and lover for the public and that was not all, she also revealed that Big Papa gave her a house making him the very best from her list of lovers.

"None of my ex-lovers have ever done this for me," Totto confirmed.

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"I want to be happy with him so that we enjoy each other's company. He is from Australia, where I will be going soon to meet his parents and if we connect, we can then take it to another level, otherwise, we will not rush into marriage for now."

The NBS UNCUT presenter went on to say that the reason she is revealing her Big Papa this soon is to protect herself from hubby thieves.


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"I am fed up of women out there who steal other people's hubby's that is why I have put my current lover in the limelight because in the past, I used to hide them and that is how they stole them from me."

Zahara Totto's 2-door BMW Coupe

Zahara Totto's 2-door BMW Coupe...Don't worry about the fake number is just a piece of paper


These were some of the comments that followed;

"I hear I don't want to rush into marriage Zahara, he is not serious with you go slow my dear, he has his other plans let him first give you the log book for that car in your name. I know him properly at Kansanga where he usually hangs out so go slow..."

"Ask Desire Luzinda."

"Can't he change that jumper though?"

Zahara Totto and Big Papa who is armed with a cognac and a cigar

Zahara Totto and Big Papa who is armed with a cognac and a cigar

It is not a proven fact that showing off your lover to the public can stop him/her from being 'stolen' as Zahara puts it because Dorothy Shonga and hubby were such a loving couple everyone loved, but they are not together anymore.

On the contrary, Zari is doing the opposite, she will not show off her King Bae and the fans have kind of gotten used to the fact that much as they've not seen him, he is there and the two are doing just fine.

If it turns out that things don't work out between Zari and King Bae, her fans don't know him so it won't be as it was the case when things didn't work out between her and Diamond 


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