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I use dental implants after Meddie abused me-Anita Da Diva

August 20, 2019, 6:30 PM @ugandaonline

Anita Da Diva showing off some of her scars

Anita Da Diva is a former shadow of herself, she is battling with drug abuse after losing her teeth, nails and hair. She also accuses her lover, baby daddy and former manager of domestic violence.

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Faded singer Anita Katusabe aka Anita Da Diva of the Zero Distance fame is all in tears because of her lover, Meddie Katongole, whom she accuses of repeatedly abusing her.

The once beautiful singer, but now a shadow of her former self says she is all full of plastics after most of her real nails, teeth were removed as a result of the domestic violence, not even my hair was spared, she adds.

The Muliro singer says it is over between her and Meddie and that she wants nothing to do with her baby daddy. Anita showed off various scars sustained as a result of the several beatings.

"I cannot be reunited with that man after what he has taken me through."

The singer said that her nails have been plucked out, her hair is falling off and most of her teeth replaced with dental implants following the various incidents. Her brother once reported a case of assault with Katwe Police.

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The mom of one showed off a scar around her tummy area in which she claimed that Katongole used a pair of scissors to hurt her, she inked the area with a tattoo to disguise the scar.

"I also want him to refund my money that I contributed to the construction of our house and whatever bits of the monies that I gave him for the car so we call it quits. I will leave the child behind as I start all over again," the teary Anita said.


"My dental implants were actually bought by him as he feared the consequences. He is so jealous that he can't even allow you to talk to a fan or even take a selfie, the moment it happens, then I will be battered the whole night."

As an artist, fans are constantly asking me about my music and the likes, so I can't help it, but he wants nothing of the sort.

Anita Da Diva amd her baby daddy Meddie Katongole during the happy days

Anita Da Diva amd her baby daddy Meddie Katongole during the happy days

Meddie Denies the allegations

Anita Da Diva's baby daddy and lover, Meddie Katongole, has, however, denied the allegations. The two are accusing each other of using drugs.

They have a child together and Meddie claims it has been a while from the time they separated, he also adds that their child is under his custody.

"Anita is always in bars and that is where she picks up fights with different men, it is not me responsible, she is on drugs and a rehabilitation home is all she needs not media attention," Meddie added.

Anita was saying this from a medical facility where she had gone for treatment of her latest wounds, the doctor was overheard saying that they can help her quit the vice. In another clip, the former Dream Gals member says that she is quitting the relationship because her man is not making things any easier, all he does is to buy her drugs.

"She is looking at making another hit, that is all I can say," Meddie concluded.

Anita was part of the defunct Dream Gals that comprised of the three female artists that include; Leila Kayondo, Rena Nalumansi and Anita Da Diva.

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