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Zari wishes depressed Don Zella a quick recovery

February 2, 2019, 1:44 PM @ugandaonline

Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto and Sheila Don Zella

Zari has put her difference aside with Sheila Don Zella and sent her a get well message

Hamisa Mobetto's best pal, Sheila Nadette aka Don Zella is battling with depression, something she strongly believes was triggered by fake friends and lovers who have since deserted her.

"People turned into monsters and husbands turned into enemies best friends into disappointments," The mom of three notes on her wall. Don Zella is being treated from Mary Ann Morse Health Care Center.

A few days back, Zella shared a clip letting her online fans know how all those close to her had deserted her or were just fake friends who were not there when she needed them most.

In the clip, Don Zella was so heartbroken that occasionally she could break down into tears as she explained her current condition, though, those close to her think otherwise, but that will be for another day.

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Zari has for some time now been the top East African Socialite and for some reason, she has not yet got her match.

Don Zella wanted that spot and did literally everything, including dating a local artist, cruising monster rides, staging parties and inviting Hamisa Mobetto as the chief guest on one of  her party that took place on the very day Zari's All White Party was going down, but all that did not add up to much as the patrons thronged Zari's party.

In a bid to remain 'relevant,' Don Zella did so much of the swear words, sharing clips with her lovers who seem to have deserted her now and of course, the binge drinking which in the end could be resulting in all this.

However, Zari, who could have used the opportunity to hit at her has instead wished her the very best and looking forward to her quick recovery.

"I remember when you tormented me when my husband died, said the ugliest when mom passed, said the nastiest when (Diamond Platnumz) had a baby with Hamisa Mobetto. 

"You wanted to break me to be depressed, but look now it's all on you. But there is a difference between me and you. I am a child of God, we are taught to pray for those in suffering. I sent nothing but prayers to you and your family. Seek help and get well soon."

Hamisa Mobetto on her last visit to Kampala

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