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Diamond Platnumz hints at doing songs with Chameleone and Eddy Kenzo

July 25, 2019, 8:16 PM @ugandaonline

Diamond Platnumz during the interview at Mestil Hotel

Diamond Platnumz during the interview at Mestil Hotel

On the sidelines of his visit to Uganda where he is slated to perform tonight at the Comedy Store, Diamond Platnumz held an interview and talked about a number of things, including recruitments to his Wasafi label, collaboration songs and his lined up performances for the rest of the year among others.

The soon to be dad of four said that he was working on his next album. He attributed his spike in YouTube views to his huge fan base.

Diamond Platnumz says that he sometimes gets shocked by the views, but then again, it is all because of the love and support and that is what propels him to release more hits.


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  • Wasafi signed artists
    How do you get all these artists (Rayvanny, Harmonize, Lava Lava, Mbosso, Rich Mavoko) signed to Wasafi? "The main point was to empower the youth. As a musician, I believe it is not me who made myself to be here, but the fans the team and everybody. The less influence I have, I want to use it to empower other youth and this comes from the bottom of my heart." And in doing this, I have to halt some of my operations like performances and dropping songs so that I can support them because if I don't do that, they will not grow.

  • Tanasha Donna song with Diamond Platnumz
    Tanasha Donna is working on a song and she hints at the fact that she will be collaborating with someone big in East Africa, could that be you? "It is her to tell you that because she is the one supposed to be saying that. She has her plans and I think it is not right if I reveal them, but people should expect a lot from her, she is trying her level best to represent the East and make sure that she becomes positive as much as she can, and, I got her back as well."

  • Collabo with Eddy Kenzo
    Regarding the collaboration song with Kenzo that was doing the rounds on social media, the Bongo star said it is not true, but Eddy Kenzo is his brother and if he is around, they can work on something together. "I am more than willing because we are all from East Africa, we all wish the best and have the best music career, it is the timing that hinders this, but before the end of the year, we could do something."

  • Ask my Manager (Buuza Manager)
    Regarding his schedule for the rest of the year, Diamond Platnumz says that his manager is behind all this, at times he does not know that he has performances, but his manager, Sallam, is behind this. The few hours he has been in Uganda, the calendar has already changed as they have to add more shows.

Diamond Platnumz and his manager Sallam during the press conference at Mestil hotel​​​​​​​

Diamond Platnumz and his manager Sallam during the press conference at Mestil hotel

  • Why Alex Muhangi?

Regarding working with Alex Muhangi, Diamond Platnumz said we are all East Africans and he has all the rights to work with him to make East Africa proud. It has been a while since I saw my fans her, I can't wait." Big Lion Diamond Platnumz's dad has joined the music band wagon and he is going by the stage name Big Lion, however, he adds that he will not sign him to his label, but will support him as much as possible.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of joining the Wasafi Label, Diamond Platnumz says you must know how to write songs, must be talented, know how to dance, otherwise you won't stand a chance.

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