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Spice Diana says that her Bajikona song is not about Eddy Sendi

February 26, 2019, 8:46 PM @ugandaonline

It is a pink affair for Spice Diana

All pink everything - Spice Diana

Diana Hajara Namukwaya aka Spice Diana has always used music to address her issues if her Thirty Two and Anti Kale songs are anything to go by.

The Anti Kale song was inspired by the beating she received from the cops that were manning security at the last Kampala City Festival, she tried to beat a security barrier hoping they could recognize her, but that was not the case as she was nursing serious injuries minutes later. Spice Diana was actually locked up for a few hours.

On being released, the Onsanula star just hit the studio and the Anti Kale hit was what followed.

Trust her at turning problems into opportunities.

Next, she was a guest at the NTV Mwasuze Mutya's program when the show host, Faridah Nakazibwe, wanted to know what her score was at ordinary level, Diana who could not recall her grades gave conflicting figures that were way beyond what the worst student could attain.



Thirty Two was the number she gave leading to high sales of data for telecom companies as many were playing back and forth that particular clip on social media.

That was a clear track record of how Spice Diana could and can exploit situations to her advantage.

Then came the flop of Fik Fameica's My Journey show that was understandably not well attended simply because, it was his second show in the same year, the fans felt they needed to watch other artists like Levixone for example which explains why the Turn the Replay concert was massively attended.

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As expected, the 90.4 Dembe FM crew was trying to review the events of the week that was and Fik Fameica's show was the headliner, music critic, Eddy Sendi came out to warn of an impending flop for other concerts like Spice Diana's Ndi Mu Love concert.

"Spice Diana's concert will flop. I am ready to fall on my sword on this. There's nothing for her to show apart from riding on flimsy controversies like when she could not recall her grades," Eddy Sendi noted.

Interestingly, however, not all the panelists of the show agreed with him, so he clearly pointed out that this was his opinion, indeed it was.

Spice Diana's concert was well attended leading Sendi to fall on his sword like he had noted in his message.

Trust Spice Diana, Bajikona, was her next release and the message in the song is not very different from Sendi's remarks and what transpired at her last concert.

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This eve, Spice Diana was appearing on NBS TV (After Five show) clad in hot pink and matching pink braids to premiere the Bajikona video.

Douglas Lwanga asked her if she believed in positive criticism and this was her take;

"It depends. Some just want to belittle you. My manager advises me on a daily and I love it when someone points out my wrongs," Spice Diana replied.

Asked if this song was about Eddy Sendi, Spice said not really and that if anything, the Bajikona video had long been shot, but not released yet.

Spice Diana confirmed that she has no issues with Eddy Sendi who has since given them business.

"He apologized and actually gave us gigs during Easter time, so we are good to go."

Spice Diana thanked her fans once again for turning up in large numbers at her last concert that was held at Freedom City.

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