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What Bebe Cool thinks of promoters, managers and record labels

May 26, 2019, 3:54 AM @ugandaonline

More of Bebe Cool's State of the Nation Music Address

Inset is Miles Rwamiti interviewing Bebe Cool on Friday night over a number of issues in the music industry

Bebe Cool's Friday interview was a long one. He also talked about promoters, managers and how he intends to open up a Gagamel record label before the year end.


Very few promoters know what to do. We need one who promotes either music or an artist. Those should be different people, short of that, if we are looking at Event promoters, the Balaam and Kavuma of KT Productions are good, but the likes of Abtex, they are just businessmen.

Balaam has a contract with Chameleone for at least five years, he promotes his music and has bought the necessary equipment unlike these money makers are just after making money and once they do, they walk off.

That is the more reason Chameleone has failed to decline for as long as he has been under Balaam. Balaam is a promoter.




We have a trend of managers who do the walking at night, distribute our music at different media houses, night clubs and the likes and I give credit to them. It should be recalled that an average artist can’t be everywhere, so these guys come in handy.

On the same note, you will realize that an artist who fires their manager could easily decline just because, he/she has not been playing the roles the manager has been doing, they are not in touch with the audience, but the manager is.

I personally, I have about five managers. Josh who manages the band and in charge of music, Tikitah, is my International manager, Andrew Kizito is my business manager, Klebberson manages my social media, I also have one in charge of media.

An artist needs all those people because one person cannot do all the above roles.

Record Labels:

We don’t have record labels as such and whatever we had were just imitations of labels. The trends have changed, we no longer have tapes or CDs. Music is now soft. Distribution shops of back then used to sell tapes, but that is now a thing of the past.

Swangz Avenue and Gagamel are moving towards the direction of a record label. Buy me a car, clothes, feed me, sell my music, provide medical care and the likes, then I will comfortably say that is a record label.

Our record label will officially open this year.

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