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Anita Fabiola clashes with Zari during the Miss Uganda beauty pageant

July 27, 2019, 7:37 PM @ugandaonline

Zari and Anita clashed at the beauty pageant

Battle: - Zari and Anita clashed at the beauty pageant

Sheraton Hotel Kampala was the place to be last night as the search for the new Miss Uganda was on, Oliver Nakakande, emerged the best beating 21 contestants to the crown.

This event was a special one as it was graced by the presence of the Chairman and CEO of the Miss World Organization, Julia Evelyn Morley and Vanessa Ponce De Leone the current Miss World.

All was well up to the time of declaring the winner. Miss World, Vanessa Ponce De Leone, Quiin Abenakyo, Zari and the Miss Uganda CEO, Brenda Nanyonjo were on stage for the unveiling moment.


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Zari, who doubled as a judge and patron explained what criteria they were using to come up with the winner and as she was still explaining, the show host, Anita Fabiola interrupted her speech and very quickly summed up what she was saying in one line;

"Ok, fantastic, clearly the judges are not just looking at beauty, they are looking at intellect, ability to answer questions while under pressure...alright, let's move on." 

"We have our top three in this envelope, MAMA, are you going to do us the honors..."

As if interrupting her was not enough, calling her MAMA must have not gone down well with Zari. She is a mom of five, but Fabiola could have been safe if she had referred to her as Zari the Bosslady or Mrs. M now that she is newlywed.

Zari charged...

"No you are supposed to do that admin work here" (she passes on the envelope while facing the other side), but Anita was reluctant.

"Get it out," Zari roared.

It was then that Brenda Nanyonjo realized that the roof was on fire because the two, Anita Fabiola, the show host and Zari the judge were all not willing to open the envelope, she opened it and gave to Zari to read out.

Zari had started reading out, but then again, she paused and called Anita Fabiola to the front, this time in a more polite manner, something that put a smile on Anita's face.

"You know what, I don't do admin work..." Zari said again.

It was then that the audience started booing her down, they were too loud that you could hardly hear what she was saying.

"Hold on, Hold, I got something to say...May be I pulled a stunt on her and I wanted to see how she was going to react," Zari added.

The audience was not taking any of that, they continued to boo her down, the efforts of her convincing the audience to be calm were falling on deaf ears, she kept on stressing her point, anyway.

Anita Fabiola who was armed with the second cordless mic tried to comment on Zari's actions;

"This is not the time and place..." 

And no sooner had she started talking than Brenda Nanyonjo grabbed the mic from her to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

Zari still had her mic.

"I still stand my ground, as women, we are supposed to be listening to each other, me and Fabiola, we are going to read out the names together."

Zari and Anita Fabiola have unresolved issues

Zari and Anita Fabiola have unresolved issues

Fabiola had to very quickly stop the ship from sinking as she could not take the direction Zari had taken, she very quickly apologized.

"We are here to celebrate Queens and Miss Uganda, Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Uganda 2019 and the queen lady that will represent Uganda at the Miss World is...Olive Nakakande," Anita concluded.

Many have since commented about the melee that happened last night and these are some of the comments;

"Madam boss not everyone wants to see your boss lady attitude. This was immature of you and very elementary, Fab as your name, you handled this meticulously."

 "This was triggered after Fabiola called her Mama."

"My love for Fabiola has increased, she is young, but behaved so mature in front of everyone, Mama, fell short here..."

"The level of pettiness exhibited by Zari is appalling. She doesn’t want to give the young lady a chance to shine. Now that’s her true character, very embarrassing!"

Anita Fabiola strikes a pose with Zari's ex-hubby at the BET awards in 2016

"But Fabiola was Just an MC and Zari was still giving her speech and then Fabiola came in asking mama are you gonna read or, So how did you expect Zari to react? This is what she had to do!"

"Being Bossy at an invited ceremony. These are the things Diamond Platnumz was talking about and why force an accent?"

This is coming after her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz, had just left the country after performing on Thursday at the Comedy Store.

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