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Toolman, Eddy Sendi in bitter exchange over Qute Kaye

30 May 2018 8:53 AM @ugandaonline


Eddy Sendi and Toolman Kibalama in a bitter exchange over singer Qute Kaye

It was all over social media that Qute Kaye was detained over a stolen car part, but later, the Uganda Musicians Association Patron, Capt Mike Mukula secured his release.

Social media was abuzz with all sorts of opinions regarding the Ginkese singer issue, but one opinion by Fredrick Kibalama aka Toolman of the Kisumuluzo fame stood out as he responded to Eddy Sendi, who was of the view that joining UPRS could be a solution to some of these problems.

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"Am surprised Eddy Sendi is blaming Qute Kaye. I was at the peak of my time in 2007-2008 together with Qute Kaye, Phiina, Dr. Hilderman, Henry etc. And I remember very well, I was charging Ugx1.5Million for upcountry shows. Sendi was working for a telecom company when he called me to perform in Tororo and Mbale on company promotion shows and each he was offering 150k because we were to travel using a company car. I might have been smart with my money and I had a good bargaining power than Qute Kaye, but there was a lot of exploiting from such guys like Eddy Sendi."

Sendi bounced back responding to Toolman Kibalama and local TV presenter, Fifi Da Queen, who were of the view that Qute Kaye did not receive that much help from promoters and other stakeholders.

 "Qute Kaye has a drug addiction problem & the best help he needs is taking him and paying rehab for him, not Fifi De Queen Nabitengeelo & one of Uganda' s failed musicians Toolman Kibalama attacking me, or paying rent for him."


"Thank God none of my sisters had to marry a man, they are all married to men and not the other way round."

Promoter Balaam had to come in at this juncture;

 "A lot happens in the music industry, one hit makes someone on top of everything. All we need now are seminars on the dangers of drug abuse and how to overcome it, how to help those abusing drugs or else we shall keep fundraising for the sick, mad, dead drug addicts artists. Let artists learn to manage their fame. They should learn to leave low and also avoid peer influence, we have lost many and many will follow."


I wish it was my work that had gone viral-Judith Heard

Judith Heard on her leaked pics

Earlier this week, I have been putting in work and nothing about that had been said, but once I lost one brick off my fence (pics leaking)...You've all come out with guns blazing.

Judith Heard, a mom of three that includes twins and is currently in Paris with Eiffel Tower is her top hanging out place when not on the catwalk is still in shock following the activity around her private pics.

When her pics and video leaked, she knew people would react, but did not expect it to be this fierce as she explains;

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