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Gitawo gives Shs20Million at the Ssemwanga funeral rite

04 Jun 2018 3:54 PM @ugandaonline

Chris Mbibo aka Cameroon Gitawo almost had his 20Million rejected by the Semwanga family as they claimed that he needed that money more than them to settle the various debts.


Cameroon Gitawo and the late Ivan Semwanga at one of the end of year parties in Kampala


Last Friday marked exactly one year since the passing of Zari's ex-hubby, Ivan Semwanga. Two funeral rites were held, one at Zari's home and the other at Ivan Semwanga's home.

Friends joined the respective homes to commemorate the day and among them was Cameroon Gitawo who came to show support for Don Ivan, he gave the equivalent of Shs20Million, but Ivan's family members were not impressed a single bit, if anything, they told him that he needs that money more now that he had some debts to clear and among them was the SK Mbuga white BMW.

Now that he had given the money and they did not want to disrespect him, they told the family members to keep it for future use.

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