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Dorothy Shonga fails to move on days after signing divorce papers

March 17, 2020 09:56 AM @ugandaonline

Dorothy Shonga's birthday message to Herbert Shonga just confirmed that she is not over her ex-hubby even after signing the divorce papers...

Dorothy confirms that she is having problems with moving on...

Dorothy Shonga confirms that she is having problems with moving on...

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Just last month, Dorothy and Herbert Shonga hit our pages once again after they signed the divorce papers, she was more than happy getting to this, but looks like the mom of three is just not ready to move in the direction things are headed.

It all started with her now ex-husband who after taking one too many on his birthday revealed when he started dating his current girlfriend, Sasha Brighton of the Kawomera fame.

It turned out that the first day he started dating Sasha, Dorothy had just given birth on that very day.

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She went to her archives to pull out the receipts with this caption;

"Eeee _________ you mean you were together as I was admitted in hospital battling with my life on a sick bed."


That was the day Bebe Cool performed at Kololo during his Golden Heart concert that saw President Museveni attend.

This recent outburst is coming, days after Shonga had travelled to Malawi to hang with the children as per the terms out of the their divorce mediations.

However, when Sasha saw them together, she thought that maybe something was going down because no doubt, Dorothy still loves Herbert.

To prove a point to his new found love, Sasha Brighton, whose parents he is planning to visit pretty soon, Shonga had to rub Dorothy the wrong way and it seems to be working.

Dorothy Shonga's birthday message to Shonga

Dorothy Shonga's birthday message to Shonga and on the right she strikes a pose next to her Range Rover Evoque

Dorothy later deleted the post of complaining about her ex-hubby sleeping with his current lover the day she gave birth, but fellow women came out to advise her that moving on can be hard, but it might be the only option given the circumstances and they can feel her pain, but time is a healer.

"You can know deep down when a person doesn't love u...or when it's over but we keep pushing, hoping it will work...look at that man's replies... Dorothy you are a loving and good woman..but to the wrong man, you tried...move on..."

"Stop humiliating yourself asilise teyejjusa...don't try to prove anything...your embarrassing yourself abasajja tebaswala...
Your young, hard working and beautiful...move said there's "king bae".... concentrate on that one," One wrote.

"This is what l always say, there is no profit at all exposing to the public how silly or wicked your ex-husband or ex-wife was. You gain nothing apart from both of you becoming a laughing stock forever. These social media 'in-laws' can side with you, but remember they are like vapour that often disappear in air forever! In this era such stuff you throw up is kept for record for whoever wants to search about you find it well kept."


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