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Eddy Kenzo clarifies from Ivory Coast that he is not positive for COVID-19

April 06, 2020 04:10 PM @ugandaonline

Eddy Kenzo has come out to clarify that he is not battling with the deadly Coronavirus disease as it is alleged, but instead, he is diagnosed with ulcers. He has also found some female companion that has taken it to herself to prepare him Ugandan dishes while in the West African country...

Eddy Kenzo oa na hospital bed in Ivory Coast

First he was walking down town in Ivory Coast before ending up in hospital in his recycled t-shirt... He says it is Ulcers and not COVID-19

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It all started yesterday when a one Ashburg Katto took to his wall to share his version of breaking news that Eddy Kenzo had posted positive for the Coronavirus.

"Eddy Kenzo needs our prayers more than anything else... He tested positive and currently going under serious quarantine medication in Abidjan (Cote D'ivoire) where he has been stuck for approximately a month."

"Without wanting to scare the nation we had decided to keep this as a secret but his situation is worsening and as of now he needs prayers from all religions."

Kenzo's fans were up in arms over the development but it was not long before he came out to clear the space.

"I spoke to Kato last evening on his idea about helping our people with small money via mobile money and I told him it's a good idea but I couldn’t talk much because I was in hospital and had to send him a picture to confirm the same. I also told him that I'm sick but I don't want to scare people because we have enough problems going on."


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"I'm so disappointed in Ashburg Kato. It's true, I'm sick but not with the Coronavirus and I will be fine InshAllah. 

I have bad ulcers and the food this side (Ivory Coast) is too oily with too much chili and that is what caused me problems."


My brother Ragga Dee was able to link me up with his sister Ritah and her husband, who happen to be very good people they later took me to hospital.

A one Stellah sent me a message on Instagram telling me that she is a resident here and can help with anything, she has also cooked for us good Ugandan food so I'm ok bambi 

Ashburg Katto's post on Kenzo

I'm still weak but I will be fine. They checked for Corona, Malaria and the tests were all negative so I will be fine.

In spite of Kenzo coming out to clear the space, Ashburg is stuck to his guns and the two posts, Kenzo's and his are still running concurrently.

Eddy Kenzo left in early March for a show in Ivory Coast and was supposed to be back in the country for the Eddy Kenzo festival that was to be held at Kololo Airstrip on March 28, but three days before that date, all concerts and public gatherings were banned in the entire country by President Museveni.

The first case of COVID in Uganda was soon detected forcing the President to close all the airports not to allow incoming or outgoing flights and that is how the "Awami Do Lemi Do Lesi Do" star ends up stuck in Ivory coast.

He first shared a pic of him walking in the old city area of Ivory Coast and later shared a pic of him on a hospital bed though he insists, he is battling with ulcers.

Ivory Coast has 261 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 3 have died while 37 have recovered.

Eddy Kenzo strolling down the old city in Ivory Coast

BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo strolling down the old city in Ivory Coast


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