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Chameleone's Land Cruiser V8 impounded by URA over taxes

April 14, 2020 1:15 AM @ugandaonline

Chameleone lost his cool when officials from URA intercepted him from Bulange Mengo where he had gone for a live performance, he was cruising his Land Cruiser V8 with South Sudanese registration plates...

Inset is Chameleone and a URA officer who was demanding for the car papers

Inset is Chameleone and a URA officer who was demanding for the car papers and at the top he is seen performing live at BBS TV

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Star singer Jose Chameleone was on Easter cruising around town in his white Land Cruiser as he headed to BBS TV for a Super Easter Entertainment show that was to be televised live for the Kabaka to follow.

On arrival, he was intercepted by URA officials who demanded that he produces documents for his Land Cruiser.

The Bolingo Ya Nzambe singer wondered why URA was working on a public holiday..."It is Easter, don't you guys ever rest?"

"Can you wait for me to serve the King then I serve you," Chameleone roared to the revenue officer who was calm and composed at all times.

"Can you wait for me to do my job. I don't have the papers with me, they are at home. It is a public holiday, Jesus has risen, don't you guys ever rest?"

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You are exposing yourself, the officer told Chameleone who has expressed interest in contesting for the office of the Lord Mayor next year.

"You are also exposing your (____), you can't come on a public holiday enforcing whatever, we are fed up, we are tired," Chameleone shot back.


The officer reminded him of the social distance measure as the singer spoke while not following the same, he then allowed him to proceed with his performance, but Chameleone who was clad in a floral shirt and blue jacket told him that he (the officer) should follow him to his home so he can avail them with the papers.

He later went on to perform for the Kabaka on his 65th birthday eve, it was live on BBS TV for everyone to view.

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During the performance, he did not forget to wish his wife, Daniella Atim, and the children a Happy Easter, they are all in the US. 

"So because it's a public holiday, does it mean the law shouldn't work? Chameleone should get a better excuse," One commented.

Chameleone and his Land Cruiser V8 woes

Just recently, Bebe Cool was given a similar ride by the President and this was Chamili's take:

"Among all Ugandan artists, I was the first one to own a Land Cruiser V8 and this was possible because of my fans out there. I was not given this car, this was out of my sweat and the love of my fans out there."

"I put my money together and I was able to buy this ride, I thank all my fans who have made this possible. This is not among the rides the President gave to some artists."

It was not long before folks from South Sudan came out to state that it was a present from a lady fan in South Sudan.

Chameleone in his message while thanking the fans for watching his live performance, he promised to avail the docs to the enforcement officers.

" It was Amazing, everyone gave their best, and it made me enjoy every moment I had with you. And our people - Abantu ba Ssabasajja - who were viewing from their homes with enthusiasm,Thank you."

"Despite the URA, who tried to jeopardize the mood. Besides being a Sunday- it’s a public holiday!!!Following me to BBS questioning me about my car tax - I have all the documents you need. We should stop frustrating each other as we have so much in common in such a time. Let’s be comforters to one another."

On Monday, (Apr 13) the officers stormed Chameleone's Sseguku home and drove off with the ride, they did not find the Baliwa singer at his home.


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