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Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande humiliated by a very rude TV host

April 21, 2020 06:50 PM @ugandaonline

The reigning Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande kept her cool as Joan Lule humiliated her by asking questions that did not go down well with her, she demanded that she apologizes, but the Cocktal show host declined...

Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande and Joan Lule

Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande and Joan Lule

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The reigning Miss Uganda, Oliver Nakakande, was a guest on a local TV station for a program dubbed Cocktail.

All was going well until the show host, Joan Lule, who for the record has been fired from two TV stations asked Oliver how she felt for not winning Miss World.

Oliver was quick to remind her of how rude that was, but then labored to explain that in spite of losing out on the top crown, she had other activities like the Head to Head challenge (teenage pregnancies) in which she emerged a winner, but Joan was not taking any of that.

"When I said that you lost, I did not mean to offend you..."

"You need to apologize," Oliver demanded.

"No no no I'm not going to apologize," Joan shouted back.

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As Miss Uganda tried to explain herself, the show host rudely interrupted her by switching to the next topic which also required her [Miss Uganda] response.

Oliver did not answer the next question before throwing more light on the previous issue that had rather left her very disturbed.

"Before I go to the next issue, first of all I hold a diploma in journalism, you never say to someone that they lost, how do you feel about that?"


"That is a very rude question," Oliver affirmed.

At this point, Joan went screaming all the way and not letting Oliver to explain herself despite pleas from fellow show hosts demanding that she lets Miss Uganda to clarify on what she wanted to say.

It is then that Oliver realized that Joan was over reacting, she had to be the one to calm down as the show host was now spitting fire and not having any kind words for anyone who tried to interrupt her.

"Let us continue with the show the way you want it to go, I have my morals and values and I won't sit here to see them go down the drain," Oliver concluded.

 Link to the video(37Mins)

It was then that the show shifted to a commercial. 

Miss Uganda second from the left

Miss Uganda, Oliver Nakakande, second from the left

Joan Lule intends to stand for Woman MP in Mpigi come 2021. Iron Lady is what her close pals call her sometimes. Originally, she was working for Bukedde TV while hosting a program that mostly involved lovers who suspected that the children they had could be fathered by a different man, this always ended up in DNA testing to ascertain the biological parents, but she was fired from the TV station..

The Iron Lady then crossed to BBS TV station with the same program, though with a different name, but it was not long before they showed her the exit.

With a bit of exposure on local telly, she now wants to upgrade her CV to a Woman Member of Parliament on a People Power ticket.

These were some of the comments: 

"Quite a lot of the workload ahead, why do women hold other women back?" Winnie Kiiza

"Psychologically, one thing is true about female presenters, when they have a thing against you -especially a fellow lady-, they will always wait for such a moment! Do you "read" something with the way it's turning into an argument." Solomon Kaweesa.

"Joan Lule is one woman who doesn't believe in pulling other women down, I advocate for supporting and uplifting fellow women irrespective . Because I was misunderstood, doesn't mean I dont know feminine values.

Joan Lule is so simple, soft, down to earth, very loving and understanding  UNLESS PROVOKED!!! #staysafe  #stayhome."


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