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Bebe Cool confirms that Allan Shortkut died of COVID-19

By Michael Nampala 24 Aug 2020 10:55 PM EAT

Bebe Cool has been silent for a while, but it later turned out that his son was sick and as he was still getting to terms with it, he received a call from the authorities that Allan Massengere aka Shortkut had died of Covid-19.

He was live on Facebook as over 2000 fans were following while he talked about how Allan had recuperated, but later his condition deteriorated to the time he lost it all.

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Bebe Cool spoke about how Allan got COVID after testing negative

Bebe Cool spoke about how Allan got COVID-19 after earlier tests revealed he was negative

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Bebe Cool also spoke about COVID in general and what is bound to happen if Ugandans continue with the laxity and not following the SOPs in place.

Highlights of Bebe Cool's live session on 24 August 2020.

We were in hospital for one and a half months and 5 days in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and people were walking in and out of the hospital.

2 Covid tests were done on Shortkut and they were all negative. I called the KCCA team to come back and take another COVID test which was taken on Saturday last week, we expected the results to be back by Wednesday or Thursday.

Meanwhile, Shortkut was diagnosed with TB and that was the reason they were in hospital.

Bebe showed clips of a smiling Shortkut... the doctors had done a good job, but on Monday at about 6 o'clock, I was called that his situation had deteriorated, but his situation became worse and he had to be taken back to ICU.

The ambulance was rushing, but it hit a hump around the Hideout bar and it had to stop to put things right that had disconnected from Shortkut as a result of the hump, we lost close to one minute before the ambulance made its way to Victoria hospital.

On arrival, my sister was not smiling and that marked the beginning of our problems.

We headed to Masaka the very day he died because we could not stay in Kampala due to social distancing and other COVID measures. At around midday, the following day, I was called that my boy had died of COVID.

As I speak right now my friends and fans, COVID is here and it is because we failed to listen and follow the instructions, but my patient was negative for COVID, but it turns out later that he had COVID because these are the same medical personnel who were also attending to other patients.


I'm talking about this because I have a following and I trust people will now appreciate that COVID is here and over 10,000 people have it, Nambole is going to be opened, but in less than two weeks, it will be full...

To those who are saying that they called me after his death to let me know that he had died of COVID and therefore they are politicizing, here is the thing, if you have other chronic diseases, COVID takes you real fast and that is what happened to my son Shortkut.

Shortkut could still be alive had we got to the other hospital in time because we wanted a ventilator, but chances are, the nurse or doctor treating him could have had COVID and with his lung problem, he died.

I had also tested for COVID, my wife, three sisters and two policemen and even after his death, on Sunday, we tested again.

The game plan should change. Ugandans now have COVID in the community. If 200 or 300 Ugandans get COVID in Kampala per day, we don't have those beds, so my advice to the authorities is that the formulae should change and people should start to be quarantined from their homes.

I thank Isaac Rucci for the video he made. COVID is real. I have my colleague who was taken to Mulago, you work with NBS, please come out and tell the people.

All you famous people, please come out and speak to the masses, politicians should also desist from crowds, the disease has surged.

The month of November is a cold month and it is around the corner, COVID spreads faster in the cold.

My son died of COVID and TB, in the same vein, I feel sorry for all those battling with similar complications, Bebe Concluded before going political.


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