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Angella Katatumba emotional after Nina Roz taking her place in Daddy Andre's heart

By Michael Nampala 27 Oct 2020 01:53 PM EAT

Less than a week back, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz took over social media when their Kukyala was the talk of the town.

This certainly did not sink well with the Tonelabila singer Angella Katatumba who was quick to post on her socials a congratulatory message;

"Congratulations Daddy Andre and Nina Roz. I wish Daddy you knew how I feel, baby gyendi I'm melting." #Emotional.

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Angella Katatumba on Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Angella Katatumba confirms she still had strong feelings for Daddy Andre

"We didn't break up over domestic violence or cheating, we broke up because he did not do the test..."

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While that was okay, she added the #Emotional hashtag something that has subjected her to a series of interviews in which she admits, she loved Daddy Andre, he is such a nice man and that he was supposed to be her's had he accepted to go for an HIV test.

What is your take on Daddy Andre and Nina Roz?

"My take is that it is his life, Andre and I separated, he moved and so did I."

Angella Katatumba congratulates Daddy Andre

Angella Katatumba congratulates Daddy Andre after he visited the parents of Nina Roz on October 23, 2020


Angella Katatumba Daddy Andre split post

Angella Katatumba Daddy Andre split post

Why the Emotional hashtag?

"It is human to be emotional. We didn't break up over domestic violence or cheating, we broke up because he did not do the test, but he was so good to me, he was so serious, he wanted us to get married."

May be you were not serious?

"He moved into an apartment in Munyonyo which he furnished with brand new everything just for Angella, he made me feel so special, he also wrote a monster hit for me dubbed Tonelabira."

"It was a very emotional period for me. Even when I think of Andre and his Kukyala with Nina Roz, the memories go back, because he was so good to me.

If I had not left, Andre and I would still be together today."

Did Nina Roz steal Daddy Andre from you?

"I left in January and it has been eight months since we broke up, he was not seeing Nina during that time, it was just him and me, that guy gave me the world, I couldn't even ask for more."

Buli kimu yakimpa bulikimu yakinkolera.

"I have no problem with Nina Roz because she didn't take him from me, I am the one who left as hard and emotional as it was, but I had to put my life first."

Would you attend their intro or wedding?

"If they pay me, I will perform at their intro, but he is not happy with me so I don't expect to be invited at their events."

"He was serious that he wanted to marry me, he took me to meet his family members in Busia and we even moved in together and we were ready, but failure to take that test led to all this, women should value their lives first regardless of the money you have."

I am emotional, Andre was good to me and that is not envy, but reality, the Tonelabira singer concluded.

Angella Katatumba has released her Emotional song detailing her frustration following Daddy Andre settling with Nina Roz.


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