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Rude TV host Joan Lule apologizes to Miss Uganda

April 23, 2020 08:35 PM @ugandaonline

Joan Lule has come out to apologize to the reigning Miss Uganda after she lost her cool live on TV while interviewing the beauty queen...The apology has still fallen short according to the comments that have come through...

Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande VS. Joan Lule

Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande VS. Joan Lule

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Joan Lule, the Cocktail host on a local TV station has been under fire from Miss Uganda fans and viewers following her unacceptable behavior live on television.

The reigning Miss Uganda was the guest and the topic was woman empowerment. All was well as Oliver Nakakande responded to a number of issues including how to behave when you have close to 10M followers on Instagram.

The show host asked Miss Uganda how she felt about losing out on the Miss World title, not that it was a wrong question, but Oliver with her Diploma in Mass Comm reminded her that it was wrong to ask someone how they felt about losing.

It reminds us of another station when one presenter asked mourners how they felt on losing their loved one.

Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande humiliated by a very rude TV host

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Well, what started as a simple question ended up in an outburst of sorts from the part of the show host something that she acknowledges. It should be noted that Miss Uganda 2019-2020 pulled it off very well as she was composed and let the show host take the day for at least those minutes.

In her apology, it is not clear if she is accepting responsibility because her body language in the clip does not seem to suggest so.


However, her use of the word etiquette instead of ethics is what is more pronounced in her statement.

"It was a Monday when we hosted Miss Uganda Oliver Nakakande here on the Cocktail and ...Waliwo etiquettes zetugoberera mubulamu, tulina dinning etiquettes, eating etiquettes, etiquettes naffe wano eza TV. Host etiquettes, walking etiquettes."

She continues.

"Some of the etiquettes we uphold nadala wano mu broadcast za shows and one of them is emotional control. When you lose emotional control that means you have gone against the etiquettes of a good host."

"I Joan Lule went against the "etiquettes" of a good host as a human from a good point of view. So what happens when you  go against the etiquettes of a good host. You understand the pain of the other person and you say sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."

"So by going against the etiquettes of a good host, I am here by to apologize... I'm hereby apologize to my viewers and tp my guest because it was so unbecoming for a host to lose emotional control."

"I yelled at my guest which was not good and it is very unfortunate this happened. So I am sorry."

OUCH! " I'am hereby to apologise..oh erm sorry, I'm here by apologise to my viewers and to my guest because it was so...

Posted by Ritah Kaggwa Page on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Fair enough. It is now left to Oliver to accept the apology or not.

These were some of the comments that followed;

"This is total crap ... what a bad mannered woman," Comedian Patrick Idringi noted.

"The apology is still wanting, expression in Luganda would be better, still her character appeals more to market environment where this English is not so much needed, but corporate world abulamu nyo. She shouts too much, communication depicts your body language, talking of etiquette haa, she needs to work more on social part, she still appears rude," Another added.

Joan's employer Top Television have apologized to Oliver Nakakande, Miss Uganda and all the viewers.


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