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Sheila Gashumba and God's Plan are at it again, this time very rocky

February 24, 2020 12:05 AM @ugandaonline

Sheila deletes lovers pics from gram as God's Plan deactivates account... Police Spokesperson confirms Marcus is not in their custody!!

Sheila Gashumba does not deny or confirm that she was beaten

In her latest pics, SheilaGashumba who does not confirm or deny that she was beaten has her right eye tactfully covered...The Lil Stunner had short white hair on the Party Bus on Friday

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Sheila Gashumba has shared her latest shots hours after the news on the social radar was that, she was beaten to pulp by none other than Ali Marcus Lwanga aka God's Plan.

In the pics, Sheila is trying to portray a situation that all is well, but in all the pics, her right eye is tactfully covered.

The TV host has also deleted all pics from her Gram that had Marcus. In a related development, Marcus, has also deactivated his Instagram account.

The last time these two had a bitter fight was when the Nkuloga hit maker, Grenade or Gurunade and one other leaked info to Marcus that saw her cry her heart out on social media, that was sorted and the two had found their spark again.

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They've been exchanging pleasantries on their birth dates and Sheila's birthday was a few days to Valentine's day, so it was 'flowers after flowers' for her.

This was her massage:

"Like a bottle of fine wine, you only get better with age. A kiss to my special day!!! Thank you @callmegodsplan for my 50 bouquets of flowers ❤️I’m never ready for ur suprises!! Thank you for loving me right just like it should be!!"


Sheila was on Friday night having fun on the 707 Party Bus that saw Spice Diana and Chozen Blood entertain the partiers on board as they enjoyed their drinks.

At some point, Sheila grabbed the mic and tried to say something, but you could hardly hear what the Lil Stunner was saying during the program that was broadcast live on NBSKatchup, she just resorted to shaking her ample behind in a red hot short dress.

Sheila Gashumba on the party bus

At the top is God's Plan's deactivated account and at the Bottom is Sheila on the Party Bus on Friday night...

It is not yet clear if this was what caused problems between them because Marcus was evidently not on the Party Bus.

It was said that Marcus was at the Jinja road police station, but the KMP spokesperson Luke Oweyisigyire confirmed that he was not in their custody.

One of Sheila's followers asked if it was true, she was beaten, Sheila just commented with a red heart, she could not confirm nor deny, she is learning to handle these matters like an adult.

"In 2020, we only accept apologies in cash or changed behavior!!!"

That is Sheila's approach to issues in the year 2020, so, since the beating is happening again months after she was crying over the Mestil issue that involved Grenade, may be Marcus has had to cough a bit of dime to calm things down  in what Sheila terms as apologies in cash.

Sheila Gashumba

Sheila Gashumba


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