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Spice Diana responds to Naira Ali's pay your way to the top rant

By Michael Nampala  26 August 2021 01:34am EAT

Spice Diana has teamed up with, Lucky Jo, a new artist on a collaboration song dubbed 'Mukwano' the song was produced by Nessim Production.

Spice Diana and Naira Ali

Spice Diana responds to Naira Ali...

On the sidelines of the 'Mukwano' video shoot, Spice Diana responded to Naira Ali following her post in which she was saying that some artists pay presenters and DJ's to keep their music on rotation.

"Music is a business and you have to spend. I'm here for a video shoot and I have put in money. Naira says that artists pay for their music to be promoted, that is the way to go because if you do not pay, how do the media houses benefit?"


"You put in money to make money. I do music for passion but also as a business and I have benefitted. What Naira is doing is not right and not ideal for the new and upcoming artists."

The only issue that I do not agree with is those that pay for some music not to be played, but paying for your music to play is very okay with me," Spice Diana concluded.

Naira Ali was a few weeks back expressing her frustrations over what she termed as unfair play as a result of those at the top being their because of paying and not necessarily being talented.

Spice Diana strikes a pose next to her ride

Spice Diana strikes a pose next to her ride

"You pay for your song to get on countdowns, pay presenters to praise you, you exercise pay per play for your songs, you pay bloggers to praise you, yuou boost your social media's for following, you generate YouTube views monetarily, almost every media person is on your payroll, you subbotage other artists music from playing and there is absolutely no where your music goes deliberately if not paid for and then you claim you're the best. Amazing."

The Uganda Musicians Association president, Cindy Sanyu was on the same page with Naira Ali's observations.

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