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Desire Luzinda's teenage daughter Mitchelle talks about dating

By Michael Nampala 30 Mar 2021 02:31 PM EAT

Desire Luzinda's daughter Mitchelle Kaddu has promised to be open to her mom the moment she starts dating, but in a bluffing way, she told the Ekitone star that she was not dating. Desire and Mitchelle were holding this discussion candidly on the Desire Luzinda YouTube channel that has over 22,000 subscribers.

Desire Luzinda and daughter Mitchelle

Mother-Daughter relationship

"As a mother to a teen daughter, teen age is very sensitive and more so dating. I am thankful to God that I am able to speak to my daughter openly about it and encourage parents to speak to their children openly. Join me as we tackle the topic. WE LOVE YOU."

Desire and the daughter are best of friends, seeing them talk you could easily confuse them for sisters. The mother-daughter bond between these two is so strong, she has raised her daughter to confide in her. She will turn 18 later in the year.

Desire Luzinda, who was so into secular music, but now turned to gospel has in equal measure raised her daughter to be God fearing, confident and will let her have a voice in making decisions.

During their talk session, Mitchelle occasionally interrupts her mom, but she is quick to say sorry as she makes her point.


On the other hand, Desire admits that she has had a fair share of relationship problems and would do everything possible to help her daughter not to face similar problems.

Mitchelle and Desire

Mitchelle and Desire

As Desire was still introducing the topic, Mitchelle interrupts her.

Desire: "You are at that age where teens like to date...."

Mitchelle: "Mama, before you go any further it's not like people just date to have fun, it's, I don't even know how to put it in words, it's a feeling Mama you cannot stop yourself from liking somebody if he is really good, you know what I mean..."

SourceUganda Online


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