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Meddie Ssentongo's baby mama excited as she is reunited with son

By Michael Nampala 31 Mar 2021 05:44 PM EAT

Socialite Meddie Ssentongo has succumbed to pressure and handed over the son to his mom, Suzan Nakiyingi. Speaking after receiving her son, the mother who could not hide her excitement said this outside Minister Nakiwala Kiyingi's office.

Meddie hands over son to his mother

Reunited with son- Suzan Nakiyingi was smiling from ear-to-ear after receiving her son

"We have agreed as a family that both parents shall be with the child at specific intervals. Meddie brought the child to me just like the Minister requested. I have no problem with him as he has been providing for the child with everything."

"I thank all those that have been there for me to ensure that I gain access to my son. I have respect for my baby daddy irrespective of what happened, otherwise, I'm so happy to be reunited with my son."

Suzan became pregnant for Meddie after a night out and for the record, Meddie's baby mama says that she takes care of her bills, so on the fateful night, she wasn't looking for anything except for the love that she had for Meddie.

It turned out later that she was pregnant and on giving birth, Meddie was not in the country at the time. All his known numbers could not go through so Suzan and her auntie resorted to Facebook where they contacted him about the child.


They had to run a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of the child as he was doubting that he was responsible now that it was a once off, but the test results confirmed that Meddie was the biological father.

However, Meddie was not happy that the child was living with the mother whose work schedule normally runs late into the night.

M5 as his close pals refer to him timed when it was his son's birthday, he took him for a treat and that was the last time they saw him.

All efforts by Suzan of getting her son back had landed on deaf ears, it was then that she decided to involve the Minister in charge of children's affairs, something that did wonders in a matter of hours.

SourceUganda Online


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Meddie Ssentongo and his baby mama

Meddie Ssentongo (M5) has come out pleading with his baby mama not to use the media. "I am asking her to take these matters off media because if she wanted to see her child, there are so many ways she could have done it than using the media."

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