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Bad Spots

If you are on these roads and you are a regular you might have noticed that some of these spots are dangerous and one needs to take extra caution. Who knows it might be of help to someone out there.

Entebbe Road - This route has very many drivers heading to the airport and others have simply ignored the rule of being at the airport three hours before. In the process a number of drivers on this road drive extremely very fast. Black spots on Entebbe road include Lubowa and Seguku 0.6Km, Lweza and Kajjansi 1.1Km, Bwebaja 0.4Km, Kitubulu and Katabi 1.3Km.

Munyonyo Corner - Supposing you are coming from Munyonyo Speke Resort and you are heading to town the first corner is very sharp and there is need to negotiate it wisely.In addition to corners there is another sharp one around Kabalagala Police before Kampala International University which I think is the sharpest within Kampala town.

Jinja Kampala Highway - Black spots to look out for on this route are Njeru 1Km, 5.4Km Namagunga, 1.4Km Kayanja, 0.4Km Namataba, 1.5Km Namawojolo, 1.1Km Kasenge-Mbalala, 0.6Km Seeta 1.1Km Namanve, 0.9Km Najjembe.

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Makindye - Salama Road. - Around Calendar Rest House slopping down on the route that leads you to Entebbe Road you will find another road that heads to Munyonyo. Originally there were no signposts demarcating who gives way or who had the right of way something that led to so many accidents as all motorists from different locations assumed they were on the right track.

Froebel Ntinda - Like the case of Entebbe road, the area shortly after Kadic Hospital from town on your way to Ntinda has a similar problem. This normally happens as result of those who have parked by the road side trying to join from the parking lots subsequently inconveniencing one who is in top gear.

Mabira Forest - This is on your way to Jinja. There is a stretch in this forest on your way to Uganda's second largest city which has no pot holes except for a few spots with mild depressions. In most cases after settling on the peddle for a few seconds the car tends to go beyond 120 to 140 if you happen to look at the speedometer. However what makes this a bad spot are the sugar cane loaded trucks which will turn minus indicating or not visible enough at night.

Traffic Police has been deployed in this area to try and avert a few problems but it starts with you. Let the cop do his job while you are on the look out too.

With such a machine on Kampala roads there
is every need to guard it jealously.

Jinja Road - On your way to Nakawa from Kampala before approaching Game Supermarket. This is a bad spot without question and has claimed many lives. There is a download slope which by law calls for reduced speed but again many go for full peddle. This becomes very dangerous especially when some impatient drivers join the road to access Lugogo Bypass or vice-versa. It does not end there but also vehicles from UMA show grounds that want to go to Kampala have occasionally crossed from that point which is certainly not a joining section. The above plus the taxi drivers who simply think about their passengers and not any other thing have always been an inconvenience and will always be. The moment you detect that there is a taxi a head of you simply be on alert because that guy is certainly going to stop minus alerting you because he has seen a passenger. Many at times they are not bothered about who is behind them but which passenger is likely to travel with them. So don't be too close to that taxi because some do it deliberately to extort a little something from you just because you knocked them from behind.
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